Warriors defeat defending state champs 41-0 in Friday night’s scrimmage


Giovanna Talone

To kick off the 2022 varsity football season, the Warriors versed the 2021 7A region state champions, The Collins Hill High School Eagles. With the scrimmage hosted at home, students and fans gathered in NC’s bleachers to support the Warrior’s first Friday night lights since the victorious spring game in May. Confidently, the Warriors won the scrimmage with a score of 41-0. They will continue to improve for next week’s match taking place at Buford High School.

Giovanna Talone, Sports Editor

Succeeding a summer full of training, the varsity Warriors’ football team returned to the Emory Sewell Stadium Friday, August 12th, for a scrimmage against the Collins Hill High School Eagles. The 2021 7A state champions traveled from Suwanee, in Gwinnett county, to verse the warriors. High energy resulting from the NC spring game’s victory, set the bar high for Friday’s game. Students, teachers and fans gathered to witness the event. 

“This season we are taking every week one game at a time. Our goal is to win every moment and do our best throughout the season. Leading into the first real game this Friday we are looking to showcase all the hard work we’ve put in during the off-season,” defensive lineman Bryan Graham (77) said.

To start the scrimmage, the Warriors kicked off against the Eagles. Within the first ten minutes, the Warriors earned possession of the ball. Junior wide receiver David Ezioume (2) and senior running back Benjamin Hall (7) gained several yards but did not score in the first quarter. NC’s defense kept Collins Hill in front of their 50-yard line during the first quarter, entering the second with a score of 0-0.

Commencing the second quarter, Collins Hill held the ball at the thirty-yard line. Graham deflected the first attempted pass from Collins Hill. Four minutes into the second quarter, the Warriors gained possession. Junior wide receiver Elijah Lee (23) gained 40 yards from senior quarterback Malachi Singleton’s (3) completed passes. Senior wide receiver Xavier Jackson (13) gained another 30 yards for the Warriors. Hall scored the first touchdown of the game setting NC in the lead. Senior kicker Javier Morales (93) gained an extra point, then kicked the ball off to the Eagles. Junior defensive back Cayden Trotter (20) tackled the opposing team at their 40-yard line. Collins Hill made another unsuccessful drive, leaving the Warriors with the ball. 

Senior running-back David Mbadinga (6) took the ball to the opposing side’s 45-yard line. A completed pass from Singleton to senior wide receiver Branch Bennet (12) gained an extra 20 yards leaving only 25 yards between the Warriors and their second touchdown. Collins Hill’s offside offense helped NC gain another five yards. With one minute left until halftime, Eziomume scored a touchdown for the Warriors putting NC in the lead 14-0. Senior defensive back Jordan Lonas (4) intercepted the ball with ten seconds left and led the game into halftime.

Proceeding the second half, Collins Hill sent the ball the Warrior’s way with a kick into the end zone. Hall gained 10 yards back-to-back moving the Warriors closer to the endzone. A successful pass from Singleton to Jackson resulted in a 50-yard receiving touchdown for the Warriors (21-0). Morales kicked the ball to the opposing team as junior linebacker Grayson Hodges (44) stopped the Eagles75 yards away from their end zone. Collins Hill gained zero yards and returned the ball to the Warriors with a kick. With the ball in NC’s control, the Warriors continued to gain yardage. Bennett scored the fourth touchdown of the night and Morales’s field goal, setting the game 28-0 for NC. With the ball going back and forth between the teams, senior running back Jordan Allen (18) scored the fifth touchdown of the night (35-0).

With the game played out as a scrimmage, the fourth quarter ran differently from a regular match. Both teams played six minutes on offense and defense. NC’s offense started the final quarter on the 30-yard line. Junior wide receiver Zion Bryan (26) scored the sixth and final touchdown of Friday’s match(41-0). During Collins Hill’s six minutes on offense, the Warriors’ defense held strong and ended the game with a final score of 41-0.

The student and parent sections cheered as the Warriors lined up to high-five the Eagles after the match. The blow-out against Collins Hill set the bar high for the Warriors this season. NC contains confidence with upcoming games against the West Lake Lions and the Buford Wolves

“Friday’s win puts confidence in the team and those who support it that North Cobb will be exceptional this year just like we’ve been in the past; The goal is obviously to win state, and I think we can tell that talent isn’t enough, so I think this year it’s important that our chemistry and off the field conduct is in order so we can focus on getting better every day and don’t fall short once again. I believe, as do the rest of the guys, that this is the year,” Hall said.