NC basketball senior night ends with a blowout from the Lady Warriors 


Eladia Scott

NC senior guard Giovanni Harris (5) tries to steal the ball from Osborne junior guard Farrell Suber (4) during their match February 3. Prior to the boys’ game, the NC basketball program held senior night in the Arena. Supporters from the girls’ (12-11) and boys’ (16-6) teams attended to cheer the Warriors for their athletic contributions. With two seniors on the girls’ team, six seniors on the boys’ team and six managers, all gained recognition for their dedication to the NC basketball program.

Giovanna Talone, Sport Editor

NC basketball fans, family and supporters gathered in the Arena Friday, February 3 to cheer on the Warriors against the Osborne Cardinals for their senior night game. The Lady Warriors (12-11) played first, honoring senior shooting guard Niya Williams (32) and center Chisom Eziomume (44). The boys’ team (16-1) followed by honoring guards Damonte Pellot (0), Jalan Johnson (1) and Mekhi Sherman (2); forwards Giovanni Harris (5) and Terrell Reeves (23); and swingman Evan Daniel (4). 

Despite their previous defeat against Cherokee High School (18-5), January 31, the Lady Warriors felt confident against Osborne. Starting off strong, junior point guard Taylor Albritton (33) scored the first points of the night. Junior shooting guard Armani Shaw (10) followed Albritton with two consecutive shots totaling up to five points. The Warriors kept scoring and gained a 14-0 lead against the Cardinals. With less than a minute left, junior shooting guard Erinne Giles (30) countered Osborne’s first points with her layup, to hold onto the 14-point lead. 

With a foul from Giles to start the second quarter, Osborne made both free throws putting them up two points. Points from Eziomume, Williams and other contributors ended the first half with a 29-point lead from the Warriors (37-8).

Following halftime, double three-pointers from Shaw and Giles sent the crowd cheering. The junior trio: Albritton, Giles and Shaw collected 18 points total and ended the third quarter in a 47-point lead (57-9).

In the final quarter, the NC seniors contributed to the lead, while players and spectators congratulated the ladies during the match’s final seconds. The Lady Warriors ended their senior night with an amazing 49-point difference and a final score of 69-20. The stands cheered on the Warriors as they exited the court.

“Playing basketball has taught me so much. It has taught me how to be a better leader and a better teammate. It taught me how to push through mental obstacles and how to balance my time. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to spend four years with,” Eziomume said.

In between the games, NC held the senior walk ceremony where family members and loved ones escorted the seniors while the crowd cheered and appreciated them for their dedication. Along with the players, the senior managers: Jasmin Edwards, Gabi Head, Symone Thomas, Emery De La Cruz, Mackenzie Matthews and Julia Bothello also received recognition for their hard work and contribution at games and practices. 

“I like how the coaches and players made me feel like I was a part of the team. It gave me a new sense of responsibility and it was a great opportunity to gain volunteer hours while also doing something I love. It’s a double positive because I get to watch the games for free while also helping out and impacting the program,” Edwards said. 

After their recognition, the Warrior boys warmed up to take on the Cardinals (14-10). Osborne maintained a lead throughout the full length of the match and although falling short, NC executed incredible plays with steals from Johnson and Pellot turning into three-point shots by Sherman and Daniels, with assists to Reeves in the first half. 

Even with the Cardinals in the lead, NC returned from halftime determined to win. With the score standing 20-32, players hustled away rebounding and gaining shots. Despite their gains, NC couldn’t work past Osborne’s sharpness as they reigned victorious concluding the game 53-65.

Friday night’s contest between the Cardinals and Warriors ended in a powerful win for the girls, but an unfortunate loss for the boys. Both teams will reflect on their performance from senior night and strengthen their weaknesses as they prepare to meet away against the Walton Raiders Tuesday, February 7.