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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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Call to win: Lady Warriors beat Osborne in a vibrant night

Rosalyn Schwanke
Wednesday, January 17, the Lady Warriors varsity basketball team (12-6) beat the Osborn (1-5) Cardinals in an exciting game. Although inclement weather pushed the game back from the previous day, the unphased Warriors obliterated the Cardinals with ease. Looking forward, the NC team will play against the Kennesaw Mountain Mustangs (2-18) at Kennesaw Mountain High School January 23.

Wednesday, January 17 the Lady Warriors basketball team (13-6) took a major win against the Osborne Cardinals (1-5). The Warriors gracefully danced their way to victory, leaving the Cardinals fluttering their wings in defeat with a score of 64-23. The court stood as a stage for the Warrior’s skillful performance, each play executed with precision and teamwork that showcased their dedication to success. 

Leading up to the game, NC’s players focused on maintaining their skills and learning the offensive and defensive strategies of the Cardinals team. To accomplish a victory, the Lady Warriors watched videos of the Cardinal’s previous games to understand the intricacies of their game strategies. 

“I’m feeling very confident in my team. We’ve been mainly focusing on one game at a time, but we watch film on the teams we play to be prepared for what they do. We just need to play good defense,” senior shooting guard Taylor Albritton (33) said.

The game kicked off with the Warriors winning the jump ball and seizing control early. A slow start quickly transformed into an explosive display of skill with senior shooting guard Armani Shaw (10) leading the charge by sinking a remarkable three-pointer for the first points of the game.

Despite the Cardinals’ efforts, the Warriors maintained their dominance with senior point guard Erinne Giles (30) showcasing incredible accuracy in three-point shots and hitting two consecutively. Albritton contributed with a crucial rebound and two-point shot, putting the Warriors up by 22 points. The Warriors faced challenges with fouls, allowing the Cardinals to attempt their first free throw; the Warriors’ defensive efforts, however, limited the Cardinals’ scoring opportunities.

By halftime, the Warriors led with a 43-12 score, obliterating their feathered opponents. After a scuffle for the ball, Albritton successfully attained the ball, resulting in two additional points for the Warriors.  Shortly after, the Warriors gained another point on a free throw by Shaw. 

Following a timeout called by the Warriors, Shaw showcased her excellent defensive capabilities, keeping the ball away from the net, despite the Cardinal’s possession. After a long fight for the ball and a timeout, the Lady Warriors inched further toward victory, leaving Osborn in the dust with a score of 58-14.

By the end of the game, the crowd’s excitement felt palpable. With a thrilling swish through the hoop, the eager onlookers erupted into cheers. With hardly any time left, Osborn made a desperate attempt to score two additional points. Although they succeeded, the Warriors finished the game with a strong victory, scoring 41 points higher than the Cardinals.

“I think the girls played really well. I am incredibly proud of their performance on the court against Osbrone. Each player showcased their skills, contributing to a well-deserved victory. The momentum of this season keeps everyone excited for their next games. I really hope we can keep the positive energy coming,” junior cheerleader Arianna Williams said.  

The Lady Warriors hope to use their win against Osborne as a momentum boost, carrying the confidence gained into their upcoming match against the Kennesaw Mountain Mustangs (2-18) at Kennesaw Mountain  High School January 23. Eager to build on their recent success, the Lady Warriors aim to showcase not only individual skills but also their seamless chemistry and team work. With a commitment to extending their winning streak, they seek to further solidify their place at the top of the region and prove their power on the court.

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Jacey Cuffie, Page Editor
Jacey Cuffie, a senior at NC, returned to The Chant in hopes of improving her writing and editing skills. Cuffie runs track for the NC varsity track team and competes in the 4x400-meter relay and 400-meter and 800-meter individual events. When not writing, Cuffie can be found snacking or hanging out with her dog and friends. Cuffie will one day pursue a career as a sports marketer and administrator for the NFL. While in high school, Jacey focuses on maintaining a high GPA and participating in numerous school activities. Cuffie’s dream is to obtain a degree in sports management.
Rosalyn Schwanke, Reporter
Rosalyn Schwanke is a sophomore at NC. She adores vintage fashion and music. Though she now loves reading and writing, particularly poetry, in her earlier childhood she hated anything that made her crack open a book. Her personality differs wildly depending on her environment, but she wants to learn something from her environment no matter where she is. She is a member of several clubs around the school and outside of it and is the social media manager of the NC chapter of Key Club. Her free time is dominated by music, books, journaling, creating things and makeup. While the future seems foggy to her now, she knows she wants it to hold a positive impact, no matter the size. 

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