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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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Warriors soar above the Eagles in 42-27 win

Jacey Cuffie
Defying expectations, the North Cobb Warriors (3-2) delivered a win over the Milton Eagles (3-2). With exciting plays and unwavering spirit, the Warriors transformed from underdogs into a dominant force. Despite early odds stacked against them, the Warriors exceeded all predictions, leaving an indelible mark and rewriting the narrative of their season.

The NC Warrior varsity football team (3-2) concluded their 2023 non-region season with a triumphant victory against the Milton Eagles (3-2). Fresh off an electrifying win last week against the North Side Eagles (2-3), the Warriors carried that same charged energy with them to Milton Eagle’s Stadium, sparking an unforgettable showdown. Faced with predictions of the Warriors losing by 20 points, the Warriors accomplished an extraordinary victory that not only surpassed expectations but also delivered a resounding message to the Eagles about who truly reigns on the field.

As the sun began to set and the anticipation in the air reached a high, the NC Warriors gathered on the field with a look of unyielding determination. In a spirited pre-game ritual, they huddled together, exchanging charged and encouraging words, each word resonating with the shared commitment to excel. With their spirits soaring high, the Warriors gathered onto the field, charging through the banner. 


In the opening quarter, Milton managed to find the end zone twice, while NC searched for their rhythm. However, as the second quarter dawned, the Warriors’ began to shine.  Four star Clemson University commit and NC senior running back David Eziomume (2) and senior tight end James Roe (24) delivered touchdowns, putting NC on the scoreboard. After the Eagle’s additional field goal, the Warriors entered halftime 14-17,trailing by a mere three points and setting the stage for a gripping second half.

“Stevie Wonder can see we got to get a fast start, we were down fourteen to nothing, and we can’t do that again. Starting the second half, we got to get the ball down and score and let [the Eagles] play from behind, but I am proud of the guys for overcoming that early deficit ,” head coach Shane Queen said. 

As the third quarter unfolded, the Warriors, like relentless predators, pounced into action with NC junior quarterback Nick Grimstead (15) leading the charge, igniting the crowd with a touchdown. Their offensive momentum displayed no intention of releasing its grip, as Eziomume proceeded to score two additional touchdowns (35-24). While Milton managed to secure a touchdown in the third quarter, it proved no match for the Warriors’ drive and determination.

In the thrilling fourth quarter, Eziomume delivered yet another touchdown, sending the crowd into wild cheers. The stadium came alive, with the band’s melodies echoing, cheerleaders boosting the energy and jubilant fans turning the atmosphere into an impromptu party. While Milton did manage to secure a field goal, it could not dim the radiance of the Warriors’ dominance over the Eagles. 

The Warrior defense, led by standout players such as William and Mary University commit and NC senior safety Cayden Trotter (20), Air Force Football commit and senior middle linebacker Grayson Hodges (8) and senior defensive end Elvin De La Cruz (50), showcased their resilience with a series of remarkable stops against Milton’s offense. Throughout the game, they consistently denied Milton’s advances, forcing them into multiple pivotal fourth-down situations that remained unconquerable for the Eagles. This defensive tenacity set the stage for NC junior kicker Mustapha Muhammad (89 ), to shine as he achieved a flawless 6/6 record on his kicks, securing six vital points for the team.

Eziomume’s astounding display left an indelible imprint on the school’s football legacy as he blazed through the field, amassing an astonishing 325 yards—a career milestone that will forever enshrine in NC’s football legacy. His remarkable efforts not only strengthened the team but also ignited an unparalleled sense of pride and inspiration among fans and supporters fortunate enough to witness his astonishing feat on the field. The performance took flight beyond the game, sculpting an enduring masterpiece in the NC football history books.

“Don’t ever count these guys out. They got the heart of a Warrior, and I’m so proud of them. We were down fourteen to nothing [at the half] and a lot of teams would quit , but our guys have so much heart. High school football is about learning how to persevere and when things don’t go your way, you still fight and compete, and that’s what we did” Queen said.

The Warriors will play their first region game against the Walton Raiders (4-0) Friday, October 6 at Emory Sewell stadium. 

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Jacey Cuffie, Page Editor
Jacey Cuffie, a senior at NC, returned to The Chant in hopes of improving her writing and editing skills. Cuffie runs track for the NC varsity track team and competes in the 4x400-meter relay and 400-meter and 800-meter individual events. When not writing, Cuffie can be found snacking or hanging out with her dog and friends. Cuffie will one day pursue a career as a sports marketer and administrator for the NFL. While in high school, Jacey focuses on maintaining a high GPA and participating in numerous school activities. Cuffie’s dream is to obtain a degree in sports management.

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