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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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Eagles soar over the Warriors during Leap Day game

Addie Hill and Mackenzie Blanco
Though the NC varsity boy’s baseball team (6-3) won against Marietta High School earlier in the week, the North Cobb Christian Eagles (5-0) took the win on Thursday’s game. After gaining the lead in the second inning, the Eagles continued to add to their score with multiple home runs. The Warriors, albeit discouraged, stood strong and finished the match with motivation for their next game.

After a sweet 4-0 victory against North Cobb Christian (5-0) in the 2022-2023 season, the NC varsity boy’s baseball team (6-3) re-faced the Eagles February 29. Overall, the team has endured two losses throughout the 2023-2024 season, and the Thursday home game added to the tally.

“Rather than relying on a few pitchers, we have had a number of different players contribute including some younger guys we hadn’t counted on going into the season. Seems like an equal mix of Juniors and Sophomores helping our more experienced Senior class who have contributed leadership as well as on the field,” head NC baseball coach Tom Callahan said. 

Prior, the Warriors held their pre-game warmup on the field. Encompassing pass and catch drills, each coach and teammate readied their minds and bodies for the upcoming match. While the Eagles took the field for their round of the warmup, NC players encouraged one another and built up their confidence. 


After warmups and pep talks, NC held the traditional game prelude: announcing the NC players and standing for the National Anthem. Highlighting starting players such as senior first baseman Duncan Kennedy (21) and magnet sophomore catcher Chase Quaile (13), each starter took his place on the field while the rest of the players lined up on the foul lines. Then, the musical rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” played from the loudspeakers, indicating the start of the game drew near.

Beginning the first inning, senior pitcher Brandon Goshay (8) set the scene. The first two outs, achieved by Kennedy at first base, and the third out, passed by senior shortstop Jay Abernathy (1), led the way onto the outfield for the Eagles. Senior center fielder TJ Smith (11) was then ushered onto the field where he landed first and second base and eventually stole third. Ending the first inning, senior designated hitter Reed Dekle (17) hit the ball but sadly missed out on first base, leaving the Warriors and Eagles tied 0-0. 

Shortly into the second inning, the Eagles landed first base, receiving an unbothered attitude from the NC team as they continued their determined mindset. Kennedy and senior second baseman Haruki Kawano (6) displayed success as a duo, working together to attain outs at first base. Though morale remained high and the team demonstrated efficient cooperation, North Cobb Christian eventually scored the first point of the game. Following a field huddle and continued runs from the Eagles, the bottom half entailed strikeouts from the Warriors, ending 3-0 in North Cobb Christian’s favor.

Running into the third and fourth innings, the Warriors reached multiple bases but did not follow through with successful runs as players continuously struck out. During the third inning, North Cobb Christian gained a triple homer, acquiring a score of 6-0 against NC, as well as garnering raucous shouts from the Eagle’s dugout. While the Eagles paved the lead from the start of the game, the Warriors continued to fiercely work together and discuss their game plans during their mid-game huddles. Later in the fourth inning, Abernathy caught the third out against the Eagles with his mid-air dive, bringing disbelief into the crowd. 

Though the Warriors made impressive attempts in the fifth inning, another home hit-and-run rule cut the match short. Tries from Kawano to pick off Eagle players and an impressive catch from junior third baseman Keenan Mobley (10) provided the audience with hope for a comeback. Even a suspenseful pickle that led to an out for the Eagles allowed for confidence. However, errors and strikeouts ultimately permitted an Eagle win 10-0.

“The game didn’t end as we wanted it to end, but everyone competed hard against a really good arm and didn’t make many mistakes on the field. North Cobb Christian just played better as a team than we did… Today’s loss will be used as our motivation and [to] come back stronger next game,” Kawano said.

While the Warriors faced defeat against the Eagles, the NC varsity baseball team continues to strive for a successful season. The loss will serve as motivation as the Warriors prepare to face the Harrison Hoyas (9-3) Wednesday, March 6 at 5:55 p.m. The Chant wishes both NC baseball teams the best of luck for the rest of their competitive seasons. 

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