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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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Hornets leave a sting on the Warriors

Gregory Buranich
With intensive teamwork throughout the varsity boys’ basketball (1-4) NC and Sprayberry (4-4) matchup, NC relentlessly works to surpass Sprayberry’s initial five-point lead. Although the Warriors’ collaboration and drive did not take them to their unanimous goal, they still demonstrated great skill and effort. Through team chemistry and mutual trust, the Warriors thrive as they advance in the 23-24 season—regardless of the outcome of the game.

After the NC boys varsity basketball team(1-4) received favorable results after playing the Allatoona Buccaneers (2-3), they continued their outstanding performance December 2 at home against the Sprayberry Hornets(4-4). With this game standing as the first home game of the season, the team received staunch support from the Warrior Nation. The Warriors’ athletic execution resembles that of the NC victory in the December 3, 2022 Warriors vs. Hornets game (61-49). Nevertheless, the Hornets’ plan for revenge resulted in an initial five-point lead that the Warriors could not surpass. 

Energized by the Lady Warriors’(4-1) victory in the NC and Sprayberry(5-3) matchup minutes before the boys’ entrance, the Warrior Nation shook the stands and cheered in excitement as the boys entered the court. Fresh off of a win against the Buccaneers, the Warriors felt confident in their individual and group abilities to crush and defeat the Hornets.  

Despite their winners’ confidence, NC struggled to combat the relentless Sprayberry defense which blocked crucial attempted shots. The Warriors failed to score any points for the first quarter for several minutes.  Fortunately, senior point guard Marvin Maina(22) recovered the Hornets’ rebound and chalked up the Warrior’s first two points of the game (2-5). As the first quarter progressed, head coach Terry Gorsuch knew he needed to utilize a necessary force to put the Warriors ahead: senior small forward/power forward Noah Holloway(11). Of course, Gorsuch’s strategy proved correct; within seconds of stepping on the court, Holloway scores a three-pointer, taking away the Hornets’ nine-point lead (5-11). 

Acting on the need for a strong defense to slow the growing point gap, junior power forward Josh Pritchett (21) recovered the Hornets’ rebound and passed the ball to junior point guard Elson Gichuhi(2). Gichuhi’s speed quickly carries the ball down the court for a quick pass to Holloway; within seconds, the 6 ‘3 senior pressed on the first dunk of the game, shifting the score to 7-11 to conclude the first quarter. 

While Gichuhi’s shot helped the Warriors slowly but surely close the fissure, an improved weapon premiered on the court. Although the Warrior Nation watched Pritchett’s incredible defense in the first quarter, they finally saw his offensive talent in the last point made of the second quarter(17-27). Despite the Warriors lagging behind 10 points, they felt determined to put themselves ahead. 

Debuting on the court after half-time, Holloway scored yet another three-pointer(20-27). Quickly after Holloway’s basket, Maina catches a Hornet rebound and applies pressure to the Hornets’ defense. The Warriors’ coherent passing and collaborative teamwork to inch the ball closer to the basket helped Maina sink the ball into the net (22-27).

“We play well as a team because we are around each other a lot. This makes our advice to each other much more effective. We need to play as a team and keep the momentum when we have it,” senior center Vally Kone(0) said. 

Knowing that catching up to the Hornets’ lead remained within reach but would take effort, Kone stepped up. As the Hornets jumped up to dunk on the Warriors, the 6’4 Kone guards the net and smacks the ball out of Sprayberry’s possession. Shortly after, the Gichuhi-Holloway duo returns to yet again take away Sprayberry’s 10-point lead; a quick pass from Gichuhi to Holloway puts the score at 28-34. Sophomore small forward/power forward Jordan Simpson(24) also scores two additional points for NC and earns an “and one” to garner three points total, boosting NC’s confidence for the last quarter.

With the clock ticking down the minutes until the end of the fourth quarter, Maina and Holloway score two consecutive three-pointers within 15 seconds of each other(35-41). Maina yet again dribbles down the court and swishes the ball to gain two additional points for the Warriors. He then proceeds with an “and one” to add a third consecutive point to the scoreboard(40-46). Only six points behind the Hornets, Maina’s energy skyrocketed. He scores two more points, garnering eight points total in the last minutes of the fourth quarter.  Despite trying to keep up with Sprayberry’s offense, NC could not make up for Sprayberry’s initial lead. The buzzer sounded in the Arena as the Warrior Nation in the stands sighed at Sprayberry’s 48-42 win displayed on the scoreboard.

“My hope is to win more games in the future and continue to build with my team. By talking with the team and discussing what we did wrong, we can improve on mistakes, so that our performance can only get better. I think if we hone in on matching up better on defense, we can reach our goals as a team,” Simpson said.

As team chemistry continues to flourish, NC’s performance will only improve. With a game scheduled against Paulding County(1-3) at home December 5, NC heads back to the drawing board. Stung by their close defeat against the Hornets, the Warriors plan to improve their communication, teamwork and ability to garner the match’s initial points.

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