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Eladia Scott, Reporter

Eladia Scott is a junior at NC and an excited new member of the chant team. Scott has always found writing refreshing and liberating, even if she was not the best at it. Scott is a cycling, animal-loving, daughter of a king, who's very family oriented. She also loves going on Marvel Movie binges. Scott is an active member of her school's greenhouse gang club, where they plant fruits, flowers, and herbs along with helping Cobb county water services. Remove invasive species of plants. This past summer, she worked as a camp counselor in training at camp Acworth where she learned the value of patience, structure, and sleep. In her spare time, Scott can be seen reading a book on self-growth and faith or glued to the computer playing Sims 4. 

Her long-term goals consist of graduating high school with enough money to travel abroad. Scott plans to attend college and receive a bachelor's degree in zoology. Scott is eager to write articles for the chant and work with this awesome team.


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Accepting accountability appears intimidating to numerous people—the mindset required for accountability might present difficulties. The definition varies according to perception, but the term foundation means an obligation or readiness to accept responsibility or account for ones conduct. However, recognizing an individual’s role in a negative circumstance necessitates maturity levels that not everyone possesses. A lesson that one learns and crafts with each scenario in which one finds themselves accountable reigns important for everyone.

Accepting accountability

Eladia Scott, Reporter
April 20, 2023
The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) trend, or butt epidemic, widely known to reshape and enhance the backside area of a womans body, now seems to weaken. In the past decade, the rise in BBLs and women idolized for receiving the surgery increased. Questions of why they seemed to rise in popularity started with the celebrities who modified their bodies and influenced others to do the same throughout the years. The standard of beauty seemed to shift as the trend of body modifications increased as well, but just like all trends, they eventually died out.

A dying trend: BBL

Eladia Scott, Reporter
December 12, 2022
Podcasts establish a new way for anyone to voice their opinions and construct an audience. On platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, podcasts promote the audiences choice and freedom to listen whenever and wherever they choose. Reports show millennials and Gen Z interact and use podcasts frequently, causing a rise in popularity. The platform continues to advance and profit off of millions.

This generation and podcasts

Eladia Scott, Reporter
November 4, 2022
 Erupting in 2002, Monster Energy continues to dwarf most energy drink companies today. Though heavily endorsed as a helpful alternative to coffee, the Monster Energy Corporation fails to acknowledge the problems its consumers continue to face, like stroke, body aches and fatal effects. Recently, Monster increased its efforts to advertise to teens and children to better appeal to them, particularly with the ‘healthiness’ of the newer ‘zero ultra’ product released by Monster, which supposedly does not contain any sugars or calories. Energy drinkers should not continue to drink Monster as a substitute for coffee, especially considering drinking Monster exceeds the risks of drinking regular coffee.

The monster within Monster

Eladia Scott, Reporter
October 12, 2022
The nothing box theory suggests that the inside of a male brain organizes their thoughts into boxes as in a warehouse. The boxes in their brain stand alone and do not connect. Their favorite box, speakers like Mark Gungor call the nothing box, gives men the ability to think about absolutely nothing.

The nothing-box theory

Eladia Scott, Reporter
August 21, 2022
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