Rihanna shined bright like a diamond at the Superbowl


Bryann Anderson

Sunday, February 12 meant a groundbreaking return of the pop star beauty and skincare mogul Rihanna. The highly anticipated show provided fans with a feeling of hope as Rihanna stepped away from music with her last album release six years ago and last performance four years ago. But although she underwent numerous changes the past year with entering motherhood and now expecting a second child Rihanna reportedly wants to release an album this year for her adoring fans.

Eladia Scott, Reporter

 Following her comeback announcement on September 25 the legendary renaissance woman Rihanna sang live for millions of Super Bowl watchers February 12 after a four-year hiatus. Approaching the end of the second quarter between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs fans and spectators flooded the comments of “theshaderoom” Instagram in excitement regarding the mogul’s performance as the question of what she would perform came into play.

 Finally, the wait ended. With a lead by the Eagles 24-14 half time commenced and Rihanna appeared levitating in the sky standing on a fluctuating platform opening her show with “B**** Better Have My Money” dressed all in red from head to toe unveiling a thick leather belt supporting a very pregnant belly and initiating screams of joy from the thousands of fans in the arena. 

“I think she performed very well considering her being pregnant again. I was honestly shocked because I had never seen any celebrity enter a stage like that before. Although I think she did well… considering everything, she still did very well,” junior Liana Bonifacio said. 

The whole performance displayed a mashup of her most iconic, legendary songs from over the years such as “Work”, “Umbrella”, “Pour It Up”, “We Found Love” and “Wild Thoughts”.  While the superstar limited her movements when dancing, her phenomenal backup dancers all wore puffy white suits showcasing wondrous, unique dances. 

“I believe she did great and pushed through despite the physical alarms her body was giving, seeing as she was pregnant and that she must be dealing with her nerves as this is her first show in years. The whole time I was hoping her vision came to life perfectly. She is a strong woman despite what people said and even what she may have been telling herself she perseveres and I hope we all one day can dig down and find inner strength in ourselves like that,” junior Gyleisa Dickson said.

To conclude her roughly 14-minute showcase and having floated to the ground and back up again, Rihanna stood in the air surrounded by the lights and fireworks with the Super Bowl crowd singing her seven-time platinum hit “Diamonds” which was released in 2012. News of Rihanna speaking on new upcoming music to expect from her release and fans are elated. 

“It’s been six years since we’ve heard new music from her, and obviously her fanbase will enjoy anything she releases,” Bonifacio said. 

Reportedly, Rihanna desires to drop a long-awaited ninth album this year and works diligently to ensure the album will make both the fanbase and herself feel content.