Sims 5 officially set for an exhilarating release


The Sims franchise released the official date for the anticipated Sims 5, and fans look forward to the newest add-on to the legacy. Peaking in popularity since its 2014 release, The Sims company continues to work to keep players interested with new add-on packs, kits, and infant updates.

Eladia Scott, Reporter

Following its recent expansion pack Growing Together The Sims franchise now released the official date for the anticipated Sims 5. Unsure that a future installment of the social simulation game would ever release, fans received a snippet of an ultra-realistic avatar in a video with an accompanying caption saying “Christmas might come early.” This provided them with something to look forward to as the newest add-on to the Sims legacy began.

“I honestly didn’t know what to expect from them. Sims has always seemed to surprise us in many different ways but it’s about time they extended their franchise and gave us something completely new,” sophomore Candice Ploop said. 

The Sims 4 reigned as the latest and highest-rated version since its 2014 release in march and the company continues to work diligently to ensure players’ interest with new extensions of the game such as their update, Infants, which allow for progression for the life of sims. Also, Kits joined Sims in March of 2021 and include themed Create-A-Sim items to further customize your avatar.

Along with add-on packs and kits, the sims fan base grows indefinitely with popular sim tubers who create youtube content spotlighting any new updates and personal gameplay of sims uploading videos of them reacting to the snippet further expressing their excitement. 

“When I watched Xureila whose channel is everything sims reacting to the trailer live I internally screamed because I just started playing sims from watching people playing it and now I can’t wait for this to come out,” junior Draco Malfoy said. 

Although devastatingly none of the information stated reigns true, nonetheless the Sims 4 maintains popularity due to its new Packs, and infant updates. 


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