Travel around the world with NC’s International Extravaganza


Eladia Scott, VistaCreate

The International Extravaganza makes a groundbreaking return after a cancellation due to the pandemic in 2020. The evening event, hosted in NC’s cafeteria, provided students, parents, administration and the community with an enjoyable experience. Participants left with full stomachs and satisfied minds following presentations by Awtrey and Barber middle school students, who educated listeners with the cultures, traditions and customs of over 40 countries.

Eladia Scott, Reporter

After its postponement from March 12, 2020, NC welcomed the comeback of the  International Extravaganza March 16, 2023, exceeding all expectations. Students from feeder schools such as Awtrey Middle School and Barber Middle School, gathered in NC’s cafeteria to represent and display an imaginative experience of countries worldwide. With an astounding 61 presentations showcasing 41 countries, this special event established its title. 

“I was very excited to see so many participants. I loved that our feeders have combined efforts and worked together. I was blown away by how many presentations there were last night,” Awtrey Middle School assistant principal Tonia Bailey said. 

Numerous students represented their countries by dressing in the culture’s traditional clothing and supplying each passerby with delicious staple foods. This event provided everyone with a circus of activities involving a passport raffle. The raffle challenged tourists to personalize an international passport and to “travel” to various countries to receive a sticker proving their entry. Once they fill their passport with stickers, the tourist may enter a raffle to potentially earn a prize.  

One of the night’s activities invited participants to complete a passport packed with proof they visited as many countries as possible. A complete passport allowed participants to enter into a raffle and potentially win a prize. (Eladia Scott)

“It was tremendous to see so many North Cobb feeder students, parents, teachers, and administrators on campus! It was truly amazing seeing the cluster come together to showcase our international diversity and commitment to create culturally-aware and respectful global citizens,” NC magnet coordinator James Auld said. 

Another activity displayed music from around the world through performances by the chorus groups of Acworth, Kennesaw, Big Shanty and Baker elementary schools. The performance featured songs from countries such as Mexico, Venezuela, Japan and Kenya. They also performed songs to celebrate unity including  “What the World Needs Now”, “Count on Me” and “Forever Friends.” 

“What a wonderful way to build community and expose our younger students to their future home school,” Baker Elementary School chorus teacher Fonda Riley said. 

With a sizable turnout, the International Extravaganza provided participants with a chance to expand their knowledge about the world around them. In addition, the event stood as a memorable experience, forming an amusing and pleasant environment for anyone who entered NC’s cafeteria that evening.

“As we transitioned from schools doing their events to beginning our multi-school plan before the pandemic, our return this year was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from our community. It seems we were all ready to return to being together for this purpose, and it created a new beginning for an even bigger and better future,” Awtrey Middle School principal Jeffrey Crawford said. 

 As for a return of the celebration, several staff and students assisting the event have yet to confirm. Although, with such positive feedback from the community, faculty members seem to look forward to improving and promising a higher success regarding the special event. 

“Helping students grow more confident and independent, discover more about themselves and their heritage, and come to understand and embrace new places and cultures are definitely the high points. It would be great to see even more community involvement, additional opportunities for more high school students to participate, a silent auction, and perhaps a lounge.  All that jet-setting can get exhausting,” International Extravaganza coordinator Stephanie Sommer said.