The nothing-box theory


Eladia Scott

The nothing box theory suggests that the inside of a male brain organizes their thoughts into boxes as in a warehouse. The boxes in their brain stand alone and do not connect. Their favorite box, speakers like Mark Gungor call the nothing box, gives men the ability to think about absolutely nothing.

Eladia Scott, Reporter

Researchers argue about an ongoing theory regarding the wiring of the male brain. Their brain consists of multiple metaphorical boxes. Each box serves different aspects of their lives, from cars to their jobs, even their mothers. This theory derives from the separation of thoughts that men possess; so when a man talks about a specific subject, he only opens that specific box to discuss the contents inside. However, if given a choice, men will always resort to the nothing box.

This box may influence the way men handle anxiety and anger. When men feel stressed or overwhelmed, they compartmentalize by choosing not to deal with specific thoughts or emotions. Men limit their conversations about their thoughts, leading them to resort to the nothing box. 

“I’ve seen the nothing box in action before. It’s a coping mechanism full of nothing, whereas as a female, I have a problem with nothing. I have to be doing something, so if I have nothing to do, I’ll find something to do. We need to be stimulated, whereas they need to be chilled. The nothing box. Can I get on?” Psychology teacher Tina Guest said.

People ask if the nothing box only applies to men, and it does. The human brain splits into two halves, and nerve fibers called the corpus callosum connect the brain’s left and right sides. The average male brain holds fewer interconnections than the female brain. In the male brain, actions like watching TV, playing video games and fishing only use the left side. When completing tasks, women use both halves of their brain because of the increased amount of inter-side connections. Women’s brains process thoughts and emotions all at once, making them incapable of using the nothing box. Men, on the other hand, process thoughts and emotions one at a time and their brains cannot connect all of their thoughts because it would feel like a tangled yarn ball.  

The male’s ability to self-equip with the nothing box does not benefit them as much as they think. Suppose a man equipped himself with the proper tools to communicate his feelings without resorting to the nothing box, he will gain the ability to articulate his feelings appropriately and decrease the use of the nothing box. 

  “I was having a random conversation at work with two of my co-workers and they started mentioning how guys can literally think of nothing sometimes and females cannot. My female co-worker mentioned that that’s because guys have this thing in their brains called the nothing box. I feel like it helps me since I zone out at the most random times, but it’ll be the perfect time for me to use the nothing box, like when I’m getting yelled at by my mom,” senior Damyron Hill said.

The nothing box theory explains the vegetative state men exhibit at times. By exposing the ideas of this theory, men and women can educate themselves on this subject. So, the next time a guy looks lost in thought, know to blame it on their nothing box.