Spider-Man spotted everywhere Halloween night 


Ben Reilly

Revealed as the second top searched Halloween costume, people of all ages dressed in their best Spider-Man cosplay the night of October 31. With the popularity of Marvel’s “Spider-Man: No Way Home” in December 2021, along with the news of a sequel of Miles Morales’s animated Spider-Man set to release at the beginning of 2023, fans of the friendly neighborhood vigilante expressed their excitement by dressing as the character for Halloween.

Eladia Scott, Reporter

Reigning in popularity for over 50 years, the web-stringing hero Spider-Man took over this year’s Halloween ranking as the second highest-ranked outfit of 2022, the runner-up to witch costumes. Google released their top searched Halloween costume ideas  October 18, revealing Spider-Man as one of the top costumes searched. Due to “Spider-Man No Way Homegrossing nearly two billion, and news of “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse,” the movie sequel, which features Miles Morales, the animated Spider-Man produced by Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation in association with Marvel, set to release in early 2023, fans anticipate the movie’s release. Fans range from children to adults because Spider-Man, initially created as a comic in 1962 by Stan Lee, and now adapted into a franchise, remains popular with fans of all ages. 

“Spider-Man [is] a natural hero with the best movies and such a simple costume. Tom Holland is hot. It would be weird if people didn’t obsess over him. The character is iconic from memes to movies to tv shows. I think the spandex hero is here to stay,” senior Walter Estridge said.

During October, the Google search engine provided searchers with an interactive look at the location of the trendiest Halloween costumes with a map. Spider-Man earned the top outfit around Atlanta, Los Angeles and San Diego, while fairy costumes took the number one search in New York and Dinosaurs in Washington DC. Halloween of 2021 also featured a trend in Spider-Man costumes dressed out with the release of the “Spider-Man: No Way Home” Trailers and the news of the movie’s set during the fall and Halloween season.  

Eladia Scott

“I didn’t expect many people to want to be Spider-Man this Halloween. I thought everything would’ve died down because it’s been almost a year since the last movie came out. To my surprise, it didn’t. Spider-Man movies are some of the best Marvel movies. After seeing people unexpectedly still buying spider man costumes this year, there’s no doubt they will continue high in rank. Especially now that more movies are to come out,” junior Liana Bonifacio De La Cruz said.

Since the Covid- 19 pandemic, Halloween festivities seem to press the pause button. However, with 2022 considered the new standard post-pandemic, an uproar to resume the same annual activities commenced. No matter which Spider-Man across the spider verse people choose to dress as the costumes will remain an iconic staple look, and the franchise does not plan to disappear any time soon. People can look forward to seeing the wall-climbing hero for several years.