Lacrosse duo commits to LaGrange College


LaGrange College and Giovanna Talone

Childhood friends senior lacrosse face-off and midfielder Matheus Talone and goalie Jonathan Castro will play for and attend LaGrange College together for the next four years. The lacrosse duo announced their commitment jointly Monday, October 3. Playing their last and final year at NC, the boys plan to make the most of their season.

Giovanna Talone, Sports Editor

After playing together for the past five years, NC senior lacrosse face-off and midfielder Matheus Talone and goalie Jonathan Castro prepare to spend the next four years continuing their academics and athletics at LaGrange College. With long-stick Jaxon Bampfield committing to Norwich University last year, the boys mark the first lacrosse commits in the 2022-23 school year. The NC lacrosse team continues to improve its program, with other colleges and universities interested in several players on the team. 

LaGrange, the oldest private college in Georgia, opened in 1831. The four-year liberal arts and sciences institution offers over 50 academic and pre-professional programs. The classes average around 15 students with an 11:1 student-faculty ratio. 

“LaGrange focuses more on academics by offering up to four hours of tutoring every day with study sessions and a library that stays open all day. The teachers are also more engaged with students since the class sizes are so small. Division III sports are competitive but less demanding which means I can have more free time outside of lacrosse. It is only a couple hours away so it gives me more time to come home for breaks and weekends to visit family,” Talone said. 

Coached by head coach Brandon Sewell, LaGrange’s first men’s lacrosse team added the sport to the program in 2018 and started their season in the spring of 2020. The team’s first season was delayed due to covid, but Sewell works on building the team stronger each year.

“Building a program from the ground up, and continuing to contribute to the growth of lacrosse in the South at a beautiful campus and a high-caliber academic institution is something I could not pass on. Given the college’s location and the growing popularity of lacrosse in the South, I am confident that we can recruit a strong and competitive team who will come to LaGrange not only from the Southeast but nationally as well,” Sewell said.

Castro started playing lacrosse six years ago, in sixth grade for the Jr. Warriors lacrosse team. A couple of seasons later, in eighth grade, Castro inspired Talone to join the team. The boys played on NC’s JV and varsity teams together ever since. The pair played during the summer on the same travel team, Deep South Lacrosse Club Thrashers, along with NC senior midfielder Jonathan Godfrey.

“I want to continue playing lacrosse there because of how much I believe I can change the program because of how new it is. They have an up-and-coming lacrosse program and have gotten better each year. The school is really nice and the closest to home. They also have internships to help me be more comfortable with working in the field,” Castro said.

The duo will finish their final season at NC and graduate in the spring of 2023. Following graduation, the boys will move to LaGrange College where they will board together for their freshman year and potentially the following years. Their childhood friendship will continue and progress throughout this next chapter of their lives.