GIVĒON’s Give or Take tour comes to Atlanta


Giovanna Talone

The Los Angeles R&B singer with over 25 million monthly Spotify listeners, Giveon, presents his “Give Or Take” tour performing in over 40 cities across America with the exception of two shows in Canada. Starting the tour on August 16 in Philadelphia, he will perform his last show in Toronto on October 19. Featured on songs with Drake, Justin Bieber, Daniel Caesar and Lil Durk, Giveon continues to sing alongside prominent rappers and singers.

Giovanna Talone, Sports Editor

Giveon Evans, known as GIVĒON, released his album “Give or Take” on June 24, 2022, giving his listeners new content after he released his “When It’s All Said And Done…Take Time” March 12, 2021. Commonly known for his hit songs “Heartbreak Anniversary” and “Chicago Freestyle” with Drake, the Los Angeles artist comes to Atlanta to perform at the Coca-Cola Roxy in Atlanta. Performing a combination of songs from “When It’s All Said And Done”, “Take Time” and “Give or Take”.

Upcoming artist, Saleka opened the concert playing a total of five songs including an unreleased new single, Some Sorrow. Saleka hyped the crowd for the next performer Fana Hues, featured on Tyler, the Creator’s “SWEET / I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE”, from “CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST”, a Grammy-nominated album released June, 25 of last year. Hues performed with her DJ, Isoke. The duo presented a total of seven songs, including hits from her album “flora + fana” released March 25 this year. When the singers left the stage, the crowd cheered Giveon’s name until he came out.

Walking out singing the karaoke version of “Lost Me”, the audience took over the song. Leaving Giveon speechless, he let the crowd sing the majority of the verses alone while smiling in awe. Giveon proceeded to sing the first song on his “Take Time” album “THE BEACH”, followed by the first song on his “Give or Take” album, “Let Me Go”. Bouncing back and forth between albums, Giveon sang the beloved “WORLD WE CREATED” dedicated to the couples in the crowd. He then moved on to the third and fourth songs on the album, “dec 11th” and “This Will Do”, a tribute to a mystery girl Giveon saw in the crowd from a previous concert. Next, Giveon performed “Scarred”, a song that all screamed their hearts out for. Playing slow-tempo songs, “Make You Mine” and “Tryna Be”, the crowd eased into a relaxed vibe.

Giveon then sang his solo from Drake’s single, “Chicago Freestyle” released in March 2020, playing a major role in the kickstart of Giveon’s music career. The song lies as the top third streamed song on Given’s Spotify with over 464 million streams.

One of Giveon’s popular songs, “Favorite Mistake” from TAKE TIME and “Stuck On You” from Giveon’s “When It’s All Said And Done” followed “Favorite Mistake”. Continuing popular songs from previous albums, “Like I Want You” came next.

Taking a break from his songs, Giveon stopped to sing happy birthday to celebrate with fans in the audience. Continuing songs, not on his album, Giveon sang his solo from Justin Bieber’s single featuring Daniel Caesar, “Peaches” with over 1.2 billion streams on Spotify. With the mention of Georgia, the song suitably fits the show’s location.

The album tracklist continued with, “Lie Again” and “For Tonight”, two different songs, one about breaking trust and the other about spending time with a significant other, played as fans swayed together in the audience.

Giveon mentions the following songs strictly relate to heartbreak and for all to sing along. The final performance of his “Give Or Take” album, “Another Heartbreak” made the crowd sing with pain in their voices and tears on their faces. Giveon finalized his tour with his top single hit, “Heartbreak Anniversary”. The song, viral on Tiktok, reached over 735 million streams on Spotify.

“I started listening to Giveon during quarantine when I first heard ‘Heartbreak Anniversary.’ I fell in love with his voice and have listened to him ever since. The way he sings so passionately made me love his performance. His voice is unique and not like any other artist I’ve heard before. I loved this concert and it’s safe to say it has been the best I’ve ever been to,” alumni Andrielly Talone said.

As the song ended, fans started handing their merch to Giveon to sign. He autographed all bags and shirts handed to him onstage while waving and chatting to fans in the front rows. As fans exited the Coca-Cola Roxy, the streets swarmed with talk about the surrealness and rawness of Giveon’s performance. An amazing singer not only in the studio, but live, fans anticipate the next album and future concerts Giveon will present. 

“I loved how everyone that worked at the venue was really respectful and nice. My favorite song was ‘Get To You’. My favorite moment was when he sang ‘Heartbreak Anniversary’ because everyone knew it by heart. You could feel the energy of the people and how everyone was having the time of their lives. Overall I loved the experience and would 100% do it again. From the people opening to Giveon actually being on stage, I wouldn’t change a thing,” NC junior Tais Brandao said.