NC Warriors face defeat against Marietta Blue Devils


Jasmina Buranich and Giovanna Talone

Senior forward captain Alex Acosta (35) ran the court at NC’s first region game Tuesday right alongside junior forward Terrell Reeves (30). Acosta started off the 2021-22 season playing his 3rd and final varsity season with the NC Warriors as the lone senior on the team. Acosta motivates his team before games, getting them hyped in the locker room and preparing them to have fun and to stay positive when playing.

Giovanna Talone and Jasmina Buranich

The NC Warrior boys’ varsity basketball team (4-11, 0-1) played the Marietta Blue Devils (4-12, 1-0) on Tuesday, January 11. The Warriors entered the court with powerful determination and drive but unfortunately walked out with defeat. The Blue Devils gained a lead in the first quarter and maintained this throughout the game. The Warriors continued to push through the game under the leadership of senior forward and captain Alex Acosta (35).

“I just try to get the team as hype as I can. I get them hyped and moving by playing music and getting them really energetic for the game. I feel like we play our best when we are just having fun,” Acosta said.

  The Warriors fought to catch up after half-time with excellent teamwork to score on the Blue Devils. The Warriors pushed their way through the game, and never lost their dedication for a win. Despite the Warrior’s best efforts, the Blue Devils maintained their lead into the fourth quarter.

During the final quarter, the Warriors and Blue Devils competed head-to-head for the Blue Devil’s three-point lead. In the final seconds of the game, the Blue Devils clinched a two-point foul play and closed out the game with a five point lead (53-48).

Even with the loss, the Warriors will continue to boost their skills on the court by keeping their nose to the grindstone. The Warriors recognize their improvement with every game they play and plan to utilize their loss to the Blue Devils as motivation for their next game against the Harrison Hoyas on January 14.

The Lady Warriors’ varsity basketball team also suffered defeat in Tuesday’s game, losing by 33 points to the Blue Devils. The Lady Warriors worked together and formed exceptional plays to catch up to the Blue Devils’ four-point lead in the first quarter. Unfortunately, the Lady Warriors committed simple mistakes during the game, costing the Lady Warriors their win.

“We executed some really nice plays, but we’re just not finishing shots. We just need to get back in the gym and get better. I know the girls are frustrated, but we can’t bring it back. All we can do is get back in the gym tomorrow, work hard and get better,” head varsity coach John Speeney said. 

By half-time, the game took a turn for the Lady Warriors. The Blue devils ended the second quarter with a twenty-two point lead, and the Lady Warriors knew they needed to trust their teammates and play hard to pull off a win. The Lady Warriors used their sensational communication skills on the court to score on the Blue Devils, but the Lady Warriors eventually took their fall with a final score of 69-38. The team will continue to improve their skills and strengthen their abilities on the court after this learning experience. 

“Trusting each other [and] building our bond. That’s what really builds our chemistry on the court. I’ll admit it was a struggle, but we just have to be confident in our abilities against tough teams, and not back down. We are good, and I believe that. We just got to show everybody else that we’re good,”  senior combo guard Deyuna Colvin(22) stated.