Lovely nails


Rebecca Gonzales

Gonzales created these classic and elegant nails in mid-December. She claims these nails as one of her favorite sets because of how the red adds a graceful look and the shiny rhinestones make them stand out. The nails consist of dark red nail polish with a glitter white french tip on the index, ring and pinky finger.

Lauren Lee, Reporter

Freshly polished nails can drastically change someone’s overall appearance and enhance one’s aura and vibe; without them, people feel incomplete. Typing with pretty nails and typing without pretty nails give off two different feelings. They allow people to express themselves in different ways. Depending on someone’s character, people customize their nails to fit their style which ranges from classy and simple to vibrant and exotic.

Rebbeca Gonzales, a sophomore at North Cobb Highschool understands this concept beautifully. At only 16, she has mastered french tips, acrylic nails and shaping nails. Gonzales pays close attention to precision and detail when creating the perfect nails that suit her clients. When looking for a nail technician, finding someone who understands their clients’ desires creates a great relationship.

Gonzales does nails in the comfort of her home. She provides high-quality manicures, which include removing old nail polish from fingernails, cleaning nails, shaping the ends of nails, pushing back cuticles, and applying new polish based on clients’ preferences. She knows how to match a set of nails to any occasion or holiday, with nail designs ranging from simple designs such as geometrical shapes and hearts to complex designs such as marbling and reindeer.

Bryant shows how Gonzales can do simple but complex nails. Her nails consist of different Gems and stones with a nude background. Gonzales perfectly shaped these nails with a nail drill bit and precisely placed each stone with durable nail glue. (Nyla Bryant)

“She takes her time and is a perfectionist. She’s good at communicating with her customers. The basement area was clean and it looked well sanitized. She knew what I wanted without me having to fully explain,” Sophomore at North Cobb high school Nyla Bryant said. 

During the Holidays, Gonzales gave her client a Christmas-themed manicure. She can meet her clients’ needs based on the event, season, or holiday. The manicure consists of a plaid pattern, white snowflakes, red rhinestones and a reindeer. During the holidays she decorates her space with holiday lights and stockings to make her clients feel the holiday spirit. (Rebecca Gonzales)

Gonzales grew up in Kennesaw, Georgia and started doing nails in May 2021. After growing up and seeing her aunt’s nails always done, the various designs amazed her and she believed she could do the same thing for cheaper. In Gonzales’s free time, she does different kinds of piercings on herself and other people, cooks a variety of meals with her family, and tries different makeup products and looks. In the future, Gonzales hopes to own a nail salon. While her mind contained doubts at the beginning of her business startup, she kept reaching for what she believed in and realized she could turn something unadorned into ravishing art. 

“When I saw the way my aunt would get her nails done it inspired me to do nails. At first, I wasn’t too sure how my nail business would turn out but as I continued I realized my capabilities. Never let your doubts stop you from continuing, always keep going because when you look back at your past self, you’re going to be so proud of what you accomplished,” Gonzales said. 

Gonzales offers highly luxurious products and services at a reasonable price point, ranging from $35 to $50 with the exception of add-ons. She prioritizes a clean atmosphere and sanitation in order to make each client feel comfortable. Gonzales opens her home for nail appointments Saturday through Thursday. Refresh with Gonzales!