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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

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The Cardinals fly through the Warriors

Gregory Buranich
After a postponement due to poor weather conditions, the NC Warriors varsity basketball team (5-13) played against the Osborne Cardinals (5-11) Wednesday, January 17. Though the Warriors brought vitality and might to the courts, they left with defeat, ending in a 53-28 game. As they approach the middle of the season, they continue to reflect on past games and put forth their best efforts.

Stepping foot on the court Wednesday, January 17, the varsity boys basketball team (5-13) felt triumphant and determined to end their five-game losing streak. With impressive assets such as 6’3, senior small forward/power forward Noah Holloway (12) and senior point guard Malique Card (1), the Warriors felt confident in their abilities to overcome the Osborne Cardinals (5-11). 

With collaborative teamwork and a compelling drive to earn a win, the Warriors persevered throughout the first quarter. A unified defense and a relentless offense allowed the Warriors to stay on the Cardinals’ tails. To conclude a close first quarter, the Cardinals earned a one-point lead over the Warriors, leaving the score 10-9. 

After a tight first quarter, the Warriors felt energized to take on their second.  Utilizing their imposing defensive force, senior point guard Davi McNeal (20) steals a rebound from the Cardinals. Making his way down the court, he passes the ball to Holloway, providing an opportunity for the 6’3 power forward to score. The Mcneal-Holloway combo puts the Warriors up 11, trailing two points behind the Cardinals to set off an exhilarating second quarter. The Warriors maintained their defensive spirit well into the second quarter as Card maintained control of Osborne’s 6’3 freshman point guard Omari Chandry, preventing any points from Osborne. The crowd cheered as they witnessed yet again another rebound attempt with a pass to Holloway, adding two additional points to the scoreboard (22-16). 

Down six points heading into the second half, the Warriors headed to the drawing board to reorganize their strategies. Although their defense persevered, they knew they needed to utilize their offensive force. Understanding their mission, Holloway and senior center Vally Kone (0) worked to catch up to the Cardinals. Kone’s consistent rebounds and short passes to Holloway put six points up on the board within the first three minutes of the second half. 

“I learned it’s not easy being a leader. The leader has to set an example for the team and work harder than everybody else at practice and in the game and at all times. I have to be able to focus in school and achieve and maintain good grades so that I can help the team succeed. The perseverance is really just me knowing the best out there. It’s really me knowing I have to be a leader and the team needs my help just like I need their help. And if we do not work together we have tough losses,” Holloway said.

With a blazing desire to come out on top, the Warriors stepped back onto the court after halftime. Mcneal served as a source of energy and a powerful leader for the Warriors despite this match standing as his first match of the season due to eligibility. From his rebounds and passes to Holloway to his nearly perfect free throw percentage, the audience sensed his eagerness to shine on the court. As he attempted the last shot of the third quarter, the Warriors trailed behind the Cardinals 24-35. 

Understanding that these last eight minutes could make or break their attempt to end their losing streak, the Warriors blocked any attempted Cardinal points for the first two minutes. Nonetheless, the Warriors continued to utilize assets such as the junior power forward Josh Prichett (21) and 6’2 sophomore small/power forward Jordan Simpson (24) to gain on the Cardinals with a layup (26-35). Despite intense collaboration from the Warriors, the Cardinals’ offense came out on top. The match concluded with the Warriors down 25 points, the scoreboard reading 53-28. 

“I plan on just trying to make it through practice tomorrow. After rough losses like this, it’s always a tough practice. Gotta go work hard tomorrow and put the work in where the fans don’t see it. I’m sure coach has a game plan for Friday night’s game,” Holloway said.

The Warriors may not have put their losing streak to an end, but they honed their teamwork and enhanced their individual skill sets. The Warriors will reflect on this match, using it as motivation as they take on the Walton Raiders (14-3) Friday, January 19 at Walton High School. 


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