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Zioni Moore is a magnet senior at NC. Outside of seeing them with their head bent over a desktop typing away, they’ll be caught raving over niche bands, carving out designs in ceramic artworks and playing around with their sewing machine. As high school quickly progressed for them, Moore’s love for writing has blossomed. While not unusual for them to write small-scale pieces for literature circles, their bibliography has exploded into a large array of poems and short stories; some even being published outside The Chant.

Journalism has also been a fruitful path for Moore. They’ve managed to be published within USA Today, and have worked with publications such as Washington Post, Vox and Youth cast Media group to produce and edit further articles. As their high school career begins to draw to a close, Moore now works as one of the Copy-Editors for The Chant.  Growing beyond the opportunities given to them during that time, they plan on majoring in Research Psychology at either Bard College or the University of Washington in Seattle. You can find them on instagram @zsuckz!

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While the macabre has intrigued humanity for millennia, the time between the viewings of executions and gore has extended far beyond the current day and age. True crime, a fan favorite of dozens, surfaces as an outlet for individuals to take an insight into their fears through peculiar exposure therapy. However, the extent to which the obsession has manifested pushes the boundaries of sanity and respect. From profiting off of victims’ traumas to desensitizing the masses to horrendous crimes, true crime needs a true time-out.

True crime, true nerve

November 2, 2022
Listen up, NC!

Listen up, NC!

May 18, 2022
Sweeping the nation for decades, the MBTI emcompasses distinct values and combines them into 16 personalities. Based on nearly 40 years of research, the validity continues to circulate in scientific discussion circles. Regardless, hundreds of individuals continue to enjoy solidarity with those with similar types and feel as though they have gained a higher understanding of others by learning the inner workings of the test.

All about MBTI

February 2, 2022
Mental illness has gained increased prevalence since the introduction of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Individuals have bonded together to advocate for better recognition of stigmas, warning signs and treatment of them. However, with the massive garnered support for the cause, previous systematic biases and tribulations have blocked the benefits from the rest of American privileged society to trickle down. Especially in the case of minors, LBGTQ, indigent and POC individuals, the damning evidence remains crucial in understanding the mistreatment of those most heavily affected by mental health concerns/needs.

Bias of the mind

December 15, 2021
Photo credit: Zioni Moore
	As the major holidays come around, couples post their adorable photos together. However, the larger population of single people can become envious. Breakups hurt and incorporate a trauma of their own. This leads to many forms of maladaptive coping (like any trauma, such as grief) to manifest, such as relapsing, denial, and isolation.

Coping with heartbreak

November 11, 2021
In regards to fatphobia

In regards to fatphobia

October 25, 2021
Understanding Drake and Kanye West’s feud leads into a complicated hole of rivalry, deception, pettiness and mental illness; all stemming mostly from the latter. However, the recent controversy from West, mainly from him releasing Drake’s address through an instagram post, has heads turning. The leak potentially put Drake and his three-year-old son, Adonis, at risk and in harms way. Regardless, the question remains of whether this could deter audiences from listening to, let alone enjoying, Kanye’s music. The profitability of his future endeavors remains unknown, and the larger question of where the path of no return for separating the art from the artist begins.

Battle between GOATs

September 22, 2021
Plastering Native American culture at the forefront of NC’s ‘logo’ directly affects dozens of actual Native Americans, especially when worn by white teens who see their struggles as a joke.  “I think it’s important that we move past these harmful racial stereotypes. I sincerely hope it gets changed,” said Victoria Echevarria.

Madeline: A Proper Warrior

September 24, 2020
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