Fathering versus fatherhood


Ren Lloyd

As Nick Cannon introduces another expected family member, the public begins to wonder about the morality of his obsession with fathering children. While he describes the beauty of fatherhood as his prerogative, his sentiment raises concerns to child psychologists and parents alike.

Ren Lloyd and Zioni Moore

Television star, host and comedian Nick Cannon holds multiple names under his belt. From starring in Nickelodeon’sAll That” to working his way to “The Nick Cannon Show”, and even appearing in “America’s Got Talent”, Cannon clearly knows his way around the spotlight. However, a new and odd obsession of his garnered the attention of the masses: his nine and counting children.

“Constantly, [I love] every aspect of it. From them getting citizen of the month awards in the first grade to the birth of the new ones. Every day I just wake up excited as a father,” Cannon said.

The situation started off innocently enough. Cannon said on a podcast that he wishes to rebel against monogamy, calling it a eurocentric concept. During the interview, he continued his passion for fathering such a staggering amount of children, saying the beauty of childbirth helps him cope with his troubled past. However, his argument that women only exist for him to spread his seed remains disgusting and misogynistic.

I don’t like it. Y’all can be like, ‘It’s cause he got money’, this, that, and the third. but [within] the foundation of Black families, especially, a strong father figure is needed. This isn’t a good representation of it, in my opinion. Being a father isn’t just about being ‘there to take pictures … children deserve a father figure, especially young boys. They need positive father figures, especially African-Americans,” producer and actress Vivica Fox said.

The psychological aspect also became a concerning factor regarding Nick Cannon and his nine children. Emotional neglect refers to a child’s lack of attention from their parents in their earlier years, causing a child to develop social anxiety as well as hindering communication skills. However, multiple parents do not realize the trauma they put their children through, especially at a young age. Said trauma can range from spending slim to no time with a child to a lack of productive communication with a child. In Cannon’s case, it seems almost impossible for him to spend time with all nine of his children. From newborns to 11-year-olds, none of Cannon’s children have reached their teenage years, meaning these young children require ample time and attention to form a proper relationship with their father. However, this goal seems completely unachievable due to his job in the film industry. 

Similarly, Louisiana rapper NBA Youngboy became known for his seven children with multiple women at the age of 22. However, Youngboy and Cannon differ because of their almost 20-year age difference. People also know popular rapper, Future for his multiple kids with different women. This pattern within the lives of popular rap artists results in fans believing people should condone this irresponsible behavior. Although these wealthy rappers can easily provide for all of their children, the children cannot simultaneously receive attention from their fathers. Instead of Cannon and other male celebrities promoting their careless lifestyles, they should encourage their male fans to think twice before walking in their footsteps. 

“Personally, I think kids deserve [the] extensive parental support and mental health support when they are young. In the future if they don’t get it from their parents, they will grow up to resent their family members,” magnet senior Mitch Nganga said.