The Chant

Ren Lloyd
Ren Lloyd, a sophomore at North Cobb High School and one of the newest members of The Chant enjoys writing and learning about current events as well as performing arts. She hopes to make people think about topics that are not brought up as much in society. Her favorite subjects to learn about are Language Arts and History. 

Ren loves spending time with her family because they are her top priority. She puts her family and God first. She loves to help the impoverished and strives to inspire people who didn’t grow up in a privileged community. She loves to go to arcades and theme parks, such as Andrettie’s and Main Events.  Ren enjoys watching Netflix, playing piano, and exercising as well. Her family supports her in every decision she makes and she loves them dearly.

Ren plans to attend college and become a news broadcaster and work in journalism. She loves writing and hopes that The Chant can pose as an outlet to talk about current issues and express her feelings to her classmates.

Ren Lloyd, Reporter

Sep 13, 2020
Face to Face Learning as an Option in Cobb County School District (Story)
The award-winning voice of North Cobb High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.
Ren Lloyd