Donda’s Return 


Ren Lloyd

Earlier this year, Kanye West released his album, “Donda”, dedicated to his mom, but this time he took the term “Donda” to a whole new level. In October, the “jack of all trades” announced his new school, Donda Academy. From academics to sports, Donda Academy will offer students a free quality education with a multitude of extra benefits

Ren Lloyd, Reporter

Following the internet craze over his album, “Donda”, Kanye West decided to take it up a notch. Last month West introduced Donda Academy, a private prep school in Simi Valley, California. Named after his late mother, Donda West, Donda Academy will offer a rigorous curriculum and will focus heavily on developing basketball players from around the country.

As of October 9, Kanye West announced that Donda Academy will begin accepting applications. Potential applicants must apply on the Donda Academy website. The website also lists the school’s mission statement, which says Donda Academy will prepare students to become the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and innovators. 

The school plans on providing students with a rigorous curriculum, emphasizing sustainability, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. The school might also include a Christian grounded environment, which connects to Kanye’s outspoken religious beliefs. MTV News even reported that the Donda Academy will not require tuition. Adidas will allegedly sponsor the school as well. 

West already started recruiting players for the Donda Academy basketball team. According to Billboard, four elite basketball prospects allegedly committed to attending the school. These potential recruits include Zion Cruz, a point guard from The Patrick School in New Jersey. Robert Dillingham, a point guard from Combine Academy in North Carolina, and Jalen Hooks, a small forward from Crispus Attucks in Indianapolis, Indiana. However, Jahki Howard, a small forward from Norcross, Georgia, already committed to transferring to Donda Academy. 

“I think it might be successful if her gets good teachers and its thoughtful got him to do it for kids who can’t afford normal school but we need to make sure their quality of education is the same” said Magnet Junior Alexis Christian. 

From entrepreneurship to philanthropy, Kanye West takes the title of “jack of all trades”. In addition to his academic ventures, West also started his Donda creative content company. This 22+ division company includes experiences like a summer school with Spike Jonze, designing the MTV Awards, and getting schools to hand out free iPhones to kids. In the fall of 2013, Kanye began his collaboration with Adidas to create the world-renowned Yeezy brand. The brand’s continuous popularity proves West’s skill in the marketing field. Perhaps he will apply these skills for promoting his school and his company in the future. 

Kanye West continues to prove successful when it comes to his companies and businesses. Although he did not release any further information on his plans for the school, people look forward to its future. Hopefully, Donda Academy will provide a great opportunity for free education for kids all across America.