DonebyJami: treat your tresses


Ren Lloyd

Jamienne Jeune, a junior at South Cobb, constantly expresses her love for hair braiding. In the past few years, she created and grew her hair business, DonebyJami. Since her childhood, Jeune has worked hard to perfect her skill to give her clients the best of the best.

Ren Lloyd, Reporter

Hair braiding takes loads of energy, technique and patience, but South Cobb junior Jamianne Jeune does not mind at all. From loc retwists to knotless braids, she can do almost any hairstyle and she makes them all available through her hair braiding business, DonebyJami. Since her younger years, she expressed her love for braiding hair and she continues to take this talent to a whole new level. 

“Ever since I was in first and second grade I always had this one doll and I would always just braid on it. Eventually when I got into third grade, whenever we would have indoor recess, I would always give the girls in class two french braids or pigtails. I remember they would always come to me because I would do it so well,” Jeune said. 

Jeune’s family played a significant part in her journey as a hairstylist. Her sister brought out the hairstylist in her and allowed her to perfect her talent. She constantly used her sister to try out new hairstyles and even did hairstyles on herself. As she got older, she continuously worked to perfect the styles that she now showcases on her Instagram page @DonebyJami

“In 7th grade, after the month of January, I did my first set of box braids on myself. Around 8th grade, I started taking my first clients that weren’t family-related, even being young I always did my family’s hair. I moved to North Carolina and started taking clients. So I had about four to five clients just in the first year that did not include family. In 9th grade, I started having at least one client every weekend. When 10th grade came up I was at a new school and a lot of people did not know that I braided. I had to really just keep posting and get close to people and do their hair because that’s when I noticed that I really wanted to do this. Heading into the summer of 10th-grade people really noticed me. I made my page around April of 10th grade and it wasn’t booming until the summer,” Jeune said. 

Over time she drastically improved her braiding skills as well as the speed at which she does them. She often steps out of her comfort zone, trying new hairstyles and asking her followers if she can try the styles on them. Although she sometimes struggles to keep up with appointments, she tries her best to reach out to her clients regarding them. 

Clients can book appointments through Instagram DMs or through Jeune’s phone number. She discusses times, available dates and pricing with her customers as well. 

As a young girl, Jeune could not always afford new hairstyles because most stylists charged excessively high prices. As a result, she aims to keep her prices low in order to provide affordable hairstyling for those who could not afford it otherwise. However, Jeune’s prices will not stay low for long. This summer she plans on raising her prices because they are severely low compared to her work quality and ethic. She did note that her prices will never reach 200 dollars, as that price is simply too much for a hairstyle. 

Along with her braiding skills, almost every aspect of her career has evolved. She started out doing hair in her bedroom with a salon chair and a small table with her supplies. Recently she rented out a space with a few more salon chairs and a sitting area. Now she works in a much larger, decorated space. She even charges a little extra to provide hair for her clients. 

“I got my hair retwisted by Jami and I really liked it. She did a pretty good job and she did not take long at all. I would definitely go back to get my locs retwisted again.” magnet Junior Zion Renfurm said. 

Juene extends her reach by consistently posting on her Instagram page and using her personal page to promote her business as well. On her page, she features policies, prices and reviews from her clients. Her page also features a client cam where she shows off her work along with several of her clients. She posts nearly every hairstyle she does as a way to document her hard work and show how much it pays off. 

“I definitely do feel like I will be doing hair seriously and bringing it into the future because I don’t see myself going into a four-year college. It’s not for me and I’m more like a busy type of person, so going to college for that long wouldn’t seem right. I do want to go to a cosmetology school and eventually get my license in barbering as well,” said Jeune. 

Anyone can book an appointment with Jeune and she will definitely fulfill their hair desires. Honing her braiding skills also helps her promote her business and gradually increase her clientele. Her love for her self-made skill makes her work far more meaningful.