Quarantined for Halloween?

Ren Lloyd, Rporter

Halloween, a holiday where kids dress up and trick or treat until they collect enough candy for a lifetime, might not take place this October 31. Due to COVID-19, parents wonder if their children should participate in this annual event.

According to Stat News, a second, more severe wave of COVID-19 might hit America in the fall. Statistics show that for the virus to fully “go away” the immunity rate must heighten to at least fifty percent. Doctors will hopefully soon release a vaccine, but in the meantime, social distancing and wearing masks should continue.  People would struggle to pass out candy from house to house while social distancing and children would not enjoy the full experience of Halloween. 

The CDC predicts that a total of 205,000 to 217,000 coronavirus deaths will occur by October 3rd, 2020.  The amount will surely rise if Halloween events occur, especially within the American youth. Since quarantine began 549,432 children tested positive for COVID-19. This number steadily increases by the day and with holiday festivities around the corner, child cases will certainly skyrocket. 

Instead of complete boredom during Halloween, while staying quarantined, children can come up with fun activities to do at home.  Examples of safe activities such as a mini haunted house with social distancing and mask-wearing. Children can stay inside and watch Halloween themed movies with their families to stay safe or bake Halloween themed snacks to enjoy the evening. People can also host virtual Halloween parties or a Zoom Halloween movie viewing.

No, I wouldn’t let my child go trick or treating this year. I think I am lucky that my kiddo is only one, so she is not really going to know of that experience or miss out, but we will still dress her up and pass out candy while we are masked. We will also play a fun episode of Sesame Street that’s Halloween themed, make some fun pumpkin treats, and play some silly Halloween music to set the mood. She’ll get to experience all that joy next year. There’s just too much risk this year for me,” said sophomore Magnet English teacher Lindsay Theaker.

Almost a quarter of American citizens claim that Halloween should continue this year. They say that as long as the government does not place a ban on Halloween, then the show must go on! According to WYMY News, Dr. Christopher Ohl of Wake Forest Baptist Health said people can still enjoy Halloween in spite of the pandemic. He claims that as long as people social distance and wears masks then people can still go trick or treating this October. Should people follow this doctor’s orders?

“I think it depends. I think it is ok to go trick or treating if you are not knocking on doors and if the candy is on the porch because there is no person to person contact. I think if you are knocking on doors and having contact with multiple people then that is not really a good decision,” said Claire Scaffidi.

In order to stay as safe as possible, people should skip trick or treating and Halloween activities this year. The country encourages that everyone stays safe and spooky this Halloween!