Three Energizing Nu-Metal Releases


Zioni Moore

The days of wallet chains swinging from JNCO jeans may seem over to most. However, due to a rise of exposure of the mall goth alternative subculture, (mainly from the media platform, TikTok) certain bands commonly associated with the expression, particularly Korn and Slipknot, have released singles and long-anticipated dates for new album drops.

Zioni Moore, News Editor

Metal to the general population generally comes across as devil-worshiping nonsense screamed into a microphone with blaring guitars, a non-existent bass and insane drums, and for certain genres like death metal, the stereotype holds true. However, while blast beats, screeching guitars and a singer’s growls dominate the metal music genre as a whole, listeners can only hear music samples, record scratches and even rapping in one particular sub-genre: nu-metal. A subset of alternative metal, nu-metal gains its signature sound from hip-hop, funk, industrial and grunge elements while showcasing its heavy metal roots.

Skull belts, New York Yankees ball caps, triple X size band tees and ripped oversized jeans all fit into the fashion style of mall goth alternative expression. The term originally used to poke fun at young teens during the early 2000s for not abiding by the DIY-or-die mentality of most alt subcultures, and instead opting to buy from Hot-Topic and Spencers, evolved to become adored and worn proudly by the community. Regardless, nu-metal usually blasts from the headphones of those who dress in the fashion. True to its nature as a metal genre created by young people for young people, the genre gained a massive influx of recognition from the style becoming popular on the social media juggernaut, TikTok. The convenient timing of the increased popularity benefits kings of the genre Slipknot, Korn and Limp Bizkit with their releasing of new singles and scheduled 2022 albums.  

Still Sucks: Limp Bizkit

Known for their release of “Three Dollar Bill, Y’all!  and “Break Stuff  back in 1997, the Jacksonville, Florida, based band Limp Bizkit remains what most Americans think of when they hear the words nu-metal, although mainly due to frontman Fred Durst’s admittedly ridiculous-yet-genuine characterization of nu-metal stereotypes. Known as the Nickelback of metal, the band made their newest album “STILL SUCKS” revolve around their status as the band everyone loves to hate. 

“I’ve been treated [horribly since] I was born. Why should I start caring now? I reacted a few times but evolved – like when you head into your 30s and go, ‘Aah.’ People always just wanna talk about Britney or Christina. What’s the problem? Because they make a type of music we aren’t allowed to like? Or you think they are the nemesis of what our music is about? Why segregate? Why be so musically racist,” frontman Fred Durst said.

Laced within songs such as “Love The Hate”, “Dad Vibes” and “Turn It Up, B***h”,  Limp Bizkit capitalizes on their legacy in a way that they had never done before by rapping about their hate and relevance with the added layer of irony of incorporating newer genre staples within metal, such as djent and metalcore.

The Chant’s Grade: B


The Chapeltown Rag: Slipknot

Catching the world by storm with their whopping nine band members and twisted masks worn on stage, Slipknot brings musical technicality that professional critics beg nu-metal artists to do. While “Iowa” remains their top album, the recent inclusions of former fans but now of percussionists Jay Weignburg and Michael Pfaff have curated the band’s newer albums to feel just as raw as the originals.

Their most recent album, “We Are Not Your Kind”, came out in 2019. Vocalist Corey Taylor called the sound of it “a more mature version of Iowa,” and the statement held true. The band jam-packed the aura of intensity and suspense within the entire album, gaining much respect from critics and die-hard fans (known as maggots) alike. However, with the band now leaving their current record (Roadrunner), the sound of their recent single “The Chapeltown Rag” feels like their rawest in decades. 

“I’m not gonna talk about how many songs we’ve completed because honestly I can’t, but I can tell you I’m really happy …Taylor is on some level of singing that I’ve never heard of [and] great music has been written because of that. We’re making god music and we’re having a blast,” drummer Shawn ‘Clown’ Chrahan said.

The Chant’s Grade: A


Start the Healing: Korn

The godfathers of the genre with their revolutionary self titled album and “Follow The Leader”, Korn has brought out the emotions in a major way with their newest single “Start the Healing”. Written after the renaissance albums, “The Serenity of Suffering” and “The Nothing”, Johnathan Davis and his crew have brought their lifetime experiences with grief (particularly Davis’ loss of his wife in 2018) caused their newest hit “Start The Healing” to become an instant hit with critics, the streaming charts, and NC students alike. 

“The band Korn has influenced me heavily, especially with fashion and having a nu-metal look. I’m a die hard fan and super excited for more to come,” sophomore Brenna Schmoock said.

The Chant’s Grade: A+