Bigotry: not exclusive to the Right


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During his annual Veteran’s Day speech, President Joe Biden used the outdated term “negro” to address Major Baseball League player Satchel Paige. The comment caused an outcry from the public, mainly focusing on the lack of reporting from left-leaning news outlets. The incident highlights the intense double standard within both political parties and the dangerous power of the press with its perception.

Zioni Moore, News editor

About an hour into his Veteran’s Day speech, President Joe Biden used a word that felt archival at best and despicable at worst: “negro”. Needless to say, the politically correct word for black people within America shifts per decade. The term ‘negro’ holds murky connotations. The NAACP stands for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and Biden later references the Negro League to excuse his use of the word. Regardless, his use of the word ‘negro’ raised the alarm bells for media sources such as FOX news, a notorious right-wing media outlet. Particularly, the result of the impact of words such as ‘negro’, ‘colored’ and ‘blacks’ having increasingly demeaning implications with younger generations, the change of words shift with the public’s need to adhere to them.  Regardless, the distinct lack of reporting from left-wing media such as CNN holds significance to America’s current political climate. 

During the 2020 presidential election, Biden represented himself as a mediator, the common man that calms the tense and dangerous atmosphere spurred by former president Donald Trump. Interestingly enough, Pew Research found that within each president’s first 100 days, news reporting catered to left-wing audiences came across as negative 54% of the time to the Trump administration.  Furthermore, right-wing outlets report the Biden administration negatively 78% of the time. Regardless, certain individuals say that Biden stuck closely to that appeal. However, the issue still lies within the political party and presentation of figures themselves: major double standards within reporting of controversies.

“There’s no denying it, if Trump said what Biden said a couple of days ago, the world would’ve been literally burned over. Why is it one and done? How are the morals from one politician automatically absolved from the other,” junior Aniyah Narcisse said.

Donald Trump politicized public safety, humanitarian issues, and a nation from seaboard to seaboard. However, he also politicized the media outlets from which the people gain information about their lives. News outlets and reporters over the past eight years have gained the reputation of catering themselves more drastically towards a particular political ideology. While the sentiment has existed for decades, starting in the 00s, it exploded during the Trump Administration. This ultimately has resulted in increasing leniency and bias seeping into popular media outlets, blurring the lines between op-eds and hard news.

Additionally, the switch caused the proper reporting of officials, positive or negative, to dim or brighten respectively. Multiple instances of liberal, ‘blue’ news outlets have ignored the Biden administration’s actions at the American border, especially dangerous considering that ICE contains more undocumented immigrants than the Trump administration, a major criticism of the former domestic policies. America needs real reporting, rather than outlets that turn blind eyes to their allies.

Regardless, there still lies the fact that the Biden Administration continually ignores promises they gave during the beginning of their campaign. Securing their space within Washington by simply becoming the best alternative against Trump quickly became the road they decided to travel. Constantly, the poor diplomatic decisions made by the Biden Administration generally overlooked by the simple lack of someone from the GOP. Biden keeps hundreds more undocumented immigrants at the border than any previous president, caused chaos with the botched retraction of troops from Afghanistan, and most importantly allowing the reversal of monumental advances to human rights within America. A crippled wolf in sheep’s clothing, Biden proves to the American public once again the facade of the two-party system. He has shown himself more conservative and non-liberal than the public anticipated.