Smoke and Mirrors: Georgia GOP chairman David Shafer quotes Russian propaganda


Nathan Huxley

Within the global political landscape, the lobbyists, policymakers and leaders of the world banded together to condemn the atrocities against Ukraine by Russia. The combined factors of the world motivated seemingly all but Georgia Chairman of the Republican party David Shafer, who reposted false news surrounding the reasoning behind the Russian invasion involving anything other than political gain. Since the event, Shafer’s position remains in review.

Zioni Moore, News Editor

March showed the world that even those in high positions of power can fall for well-hidden propaganda, given a lack of information. Georgia Republican chairman David Shafer tweeted fake news surrounding the intent of the Russian invasion. He cited the infamous Twitter disinformation page Russian Mission, sharing that the intentions of the Russian invasion revolve around the destruction of a “hidden” Nazi party within Ukraine.

Capitalism fuels conflict across the globe. On February 24, the long-standing economical-political conflict between Russia’s need for Ukraine climaxed, with the beginning of the continued invasion of the latter country. A multitude of nations, businesses and individuals have pulled support away from Russia, weaponizing the country’s undying thirst for manifesting a false legacy. Whether eliminating Russia from participation in the Olympics to multi-billion dollar companies such as Nike and Mcdonald’s withdrawing operations in the country until further notice, the general population has created a combined Nike and Mcdonald’s withdrawing operation effort to condemn the atrocities of Russia. This sentiment extended across the Atlantic, with multiple industry-revolved Republicans withdrawing business from the country. 

The post that Shafer reposted. The account, Russian Mission UN, has ample evidence against its reliability. Even within the post itself, multiple inconsistencies with released UN data appear. (David Shafer)

For Shafer, however, this sentiment did not apply. Using his platform and influence, he retweeted the known misinformation network Russian Mission, showing Shafer’s stance in accordance with the Ukrainian-Russian war. Since then, his position as chairman remains shaky, with an investigation into the matter released to be underway.

Shafer holds multiple investments within the global market, however, his Russian affairs benefit him the most. Multiple individuals dutifully noted the hypocrisy and their worries of a primary political figure lacking the awareness of such a primary misinterpretation. (David Shafer)

Regardless, certain individuals defend the condemnation of Shafer, arguing that the tweet did not contain influences within his business practices. Additionally, individuals debate that the incident reflects the overwhelming influx of information, with even those whose lives revolve around said policies falling for any occasional trap. 

Despite this, the blatant falsehood of the post combined with Shafer’s power and influence worry countless others, reminding them of the lacking morality training within the field. 

“It’s an issue within our modern political landscape, to be honest. It’s never a matter of how or why, there’s obviously no education. It’s just a bunch of old men working on impulse and for their own gain. It’s horrific,” junior Abbie Omnisore said.