R&B Legend Beyonce retiring from music


Zioni Moore

Cultural phenomena and pop titan, Beyonce Knowles-Carter, announced her retirement from the music industry on March 31, 2022, after apparent deliberation for two years. The debate amongst fans and celebrity journalists alike holds that the straw that broke the camel’s back in her decision remains the scandal of her husband’s infidelity and her declining prevalence.

Zioni Moore, News Editor

Through thick and thin, the “Queen Bee” Beyonce has dominated the R&B musical scene for over two decades. With international hits such as “Single Ladies” and “Drunk n’ Love”, the musical genius has taken her teenage fame within the 90s pop band “Destiny’s Child” far beyond what most artists her age would have gone. Despite her numerous Grammys, Billboard chartings and movie accolades, March 31 sparked a new path for the pop titan: a need to stay home.

Retirement from her absolutely spectacular lifestyle did not come to Knowles-Carter easily. First, brought up during her birth of Blue-Ivy, and later her twins Rumi and Sir, Beyonce has thoughtfully decided her transition away from the limelight.

“I need time; I need a break. Every day performing, especially for my last Super Bowl tour has been exhausting–mentally and physically. I had just had my two babies. I’m 40 years old. The burn-out from being the top performer is so taxing on my mind and home life it’s insane,” Beyonce said.

Evidence from TMZ and Forbes adds more detail than Beyonce let out. Photos throughout the years surfaced that the Queen Bee’s hive had diminished, with stadiums not selling nearly as much as during her financial peak of 2013 (with “Lemonade”). Additionally, as a moderately successful collaborative album with her husband Jay-Z “Meet the Carters” holds, its stance against the Billboard 100 (especially compared to her other works) shows a different story. Even amongst fans, her news albums have disappointed them greatly.

“[It’s just] Beyonce does not need to rap. She’s a singer, she has a pretty voice, so the whole need for her to keep trying to be what she’s not and it not be something she’s even good at is beyond me,” NC alumni Treasure Walker said.

Other fans and celebrities mourn the “death” of the R&B queen.

“She’s an icon. THE icon. Above Brittney, Gwen, even MJ. There will be no other Beyonce throughout history and she knows it too. She’ll not play, she never flopped, she’s perfect,” junior Jessica Mulueny said.

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