Softball Senior Night: Four Hearts Linked


Hannah Cuthbertson

Like a photo captured straight out of a coming-of-age film, the NC Varsity Softball team pictured prepared to spread love on their Senior Night. Underclassmen walked onto the field, hands filled with goodie baskets and posters they made to give to each of the seniors during their ceremony. The girls went on to win their game, the final score a (9-7).

Zioni Moore, Reporter

With dozens of NC seniors wary of their ability to celebrate their senior year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NC softball team preserved the tradition and held their Senior Night on September 10th. Head Softball Coach Micheal Turchan sang nothing but praise about NC’s varsity softball seniors Kendall Minard, Dehlin Lee, Kristen Rainey and Maliea Morgan.

“All four girls are really good people off the field and [I] couldn’t be more thankful for that,” Turchan said.

With high stakes rooting from the regional senior night game on September 10th, determination ran through the girls’ veins. The NC Lady Warriors Varsity Softball team gave it their all hoping to add another win to their record. The leadership showcased by all four seniors brought pride to everyone in attendance. The collaborative team effort and the tight-knit bond became a key factor in this season’s success.

“Last season was rough, and this year the seniors wanted to go out on a high foot and create a new foundation for NC softball,” said senior softball captain Lee. 

The crowd quickly filled with close friends and family members of the senior athletes. The spirited crowd showed their support through their energy and memorable chants from the sidelines. The team appreciated the overwhelming support that inevitably boosted their performance. The massive reinforcements from loved ones and the valuable meaning behind the game contributed to the final score of 9 to 7. The team’s palpable bond became apparent to all spectators when the team linked their hands and prayed before a successful game. 

Top player Minard, loves her team deeply and cherishes the last four years she spent participating in NC’s Lady Warrior softball program. Each year brought wisdom and allowed Minard to develop her talent while becoming a team leader.

“I’m honored to play with this talented group of girls. They look up to me and ask me for advice, but they mean more to me than they’ll ever know. We have created a sisterhood that goes far beyond this field,” Minard said. 

Minard hopes to receive an offer from Valdosta State University, where she desires to further her athletic career by participating in the university’s upstanding softball program. She plans to become an American Sign Language interpreter within the medical field. 

Lee plans on attending Kennesaw State University, but she emphasized wanting to enjoy her last year in high school before the team begins heading their separate ways. 

“During these times I know nothing is certain, but we’re all just playing each game like it’s our last, especially knowing it could be taken away from us at any moment,” Lee said. 

Strong bonds formed by the girls over the past four years juxtaposed with their exemplary leadership allows playoffs to look less like a fantasy and more of a reality. The girls plan to cherish the end of their high school careers on and off the field.