NC’s newest Yellowjacket: Mya Conner


Mya Conner and Georgia Institute of Technology

Magnet senior Mya Conner will begin her post-high school career at the Georgia Institute of Technology, an esteemed school that fosters inspiration for students involved in the STEM industry. With a plan to major in the neuroscience field, Conner hopes to change the world by analyzing the inner workings of one’s mind. As an altruistic, eager and determined friend and student, Conner undoubtedly faces a bright future as one of Georgia Tech’s latest Yellowjackets.

Ciara Whimbush, Reporter

Throughout its 139-year tenure, the Georgia Institute of Technology consistently opens its doors to thousands of bright-eyed students who look to help change the face of the STEM industry. 36% of Tech’s accepted academic prospects come from the state of Georgia, and NC sourced a handful of Tech’s accepted seniors. One student in particular—magnet senior Mya Conner—aims to positively impact the world of neuroscience, one synapse at a time. 

Alongside participating in the magnet program during all four years of her high school experience, Conner also served as a member of the magnet Ambassador Program and magnet Advisory Council. She also engaged in NCs Cross Country Club, Relay 4 Life, Brain Food and Warriors of the World and acted as the treasurer for Tribal Connections in her junior year. Conner’s avid partaking in several extracurricular facets of NC did not halt her from achieving academic excellence, with several Advanced Placement courses under her belt. Throughout her high school years, Conner participated in programs that helped pique her interest, through establishments such as the Jacobs Institute in Buffalo, New York, and Georgia Tech. Within her own introspection and interest in the brain, Conner plans on majoring in neuroscience, with a minor in public policy. 

Conner’s journey into the world of neuroscience flows from her interest in the way the brain works. As opposed to analyzing the mind from a physiology-based lens, she looks to learn about the body’s tantamount organ from a scientific perspective. Through opportunities such as volunteer work and shadowing surgeries, she explored various facets of STEM as a whole, which aided her decisions for post-secondary education. 

As a former Buffalo resident, Conner considered returning to the state of New York to pursue a college education. While the idea of an Ivy League school floated across her mind, she maturely recognized that there lies a major idea of loving a school in theory and loving a school in practice. While all colleges, universities and other post-high school plans garner the potential to lead students on the best possible path for them, it remains important to consider the “why” behind one’s goals for the future. 

“You have to recognize why you’re going to the school. Are you going to the school for the same reasons why I wanted to go to Colombia, or are you going to the school for the same reasons I feel so passionate about neuroscience [at Georgia Tech]? Make sure that you have the right reasons for wanting to go to the school. As it pertains to school, obviously don’t slack.  [Georgia Tech is] a school that requires good grades, and some extracurricular participation, but don’t bombard yourself, don’t stress yourself out, and don’t doubt yourself! If you could ask literally anybody that I know, during college applications season, I was like telling everybody and my mom like ‘I’m not getting into this school! Why am I even applying!’ and now I’m going. Have faith in yourself, and make sure you’re applying for the right reasons. I think that applies to everything in life,” Conner said. 

While Conner holds STEM in high regard, the practice of creativity also holds a special place in her heart. As an alleged fan of dream pop—according to her Spotify Wrapped, at least—Conner finds solace in her favorite artists, such as Lizzy McAlpine, Phoebe Bridgers and Omar Apollo. She also dabbles in art, as she served as an avid participant in ceramics this past school year. Within these outlets, Conner engenders inspiration for other facets of her life. 

Aside from a fruitful academic career and wisdom beyond her years, Conner displays the qualities of an altruistic friend and peer. Through her infectious personality and kindness, she leaves a lasting positive impact on every person she meets. 

Through her zeal for neuroscience and excitement for the future, Conner awaits a promising future at Georgia Tech. Moving to her plans for college and beyond, Conner seeks to examine the opportunities that the university may present her.

“Lately I have been interested in genetic sequencing for disorders, and more specifically brain disorders. I think that would be a really cool path to take research-wise. And as for the combination of public policy, there’s a variety of different jobs I could do with the CDC [Center for Disease Control and Prevention], and maybe even the government. So I want to just go to college, do some internships, and see what I like from there,” Conner said.

The Chant wishes Mya success in all of her academic and career endeavors. Go Yellow Jackets!