“Relay for Life” spreads breast cancer awareness nationwide


Tori Altamirano

Relay For Life represents one of the most significant fundraising events in the world by dedicating itself to helping cancer victims. While the 35-year-old movement changed drastically over the years, its goals and commitment remain the same. The movement has drastically grown over the years and will continue to help people for years to come.

Tori Altamirano, Reporter

Relay For Life stands as a movement that dedicates itself to saving the lives of people battling cancer. The American Cancer Society owns the movement and remains the largest nonprofit organization of cancer research in the United States. The work began in 1946 to aid those affected by cancer, investing over $5 billion. They used this money to find causes of cancer, treatments and to improve the lives of cancer patients. 

The American Cancer Society strives to free the world of cancer and help those affected by the disease. Similar to Relay For Life, they prioritize the research of cancer and spend their time producing treatments. Although tiny, Relay for Life stands as an impactful movement. 

Community-based fundraising fully supports Relay For Life as they continue to raise over $400 million each year. They use these funds to invest in groundbreaking research for every type of cancer, and also provide free information and services to cancer patients, along with their caregivers. With the donated funds, the time contributed and the awareness raised, communities can team up to help others. 

NC welcomes this movement into their school and hopes countless students will join their society. The NC community prides itself on raising money for cancer research, and they plan for each member of the club to earn $100 to donate to breast cancer research. They hope to achieve this goal by selling blow pops for 50 cents to the student body. Throughout the year, the club members help at events and participate in fundraisers related to cancer research. 

“One significant thing about Relay For Life is a way to honor, remember and fight back in terms of cancer. We honor survivors and we honor people who have lost the fight by remembering them. One thing that is significant about the American Cancer Society is that its funds reach several different places. They are one of the largest funders of research in regards to cancer treatment,” NC Relay For Life sponsor Julie Hopp said. 

Relay For Life refers to its mission as saving lives, celebrating cancer survivors and fighting against cancer worldwide. Whether it fuels breakthrough research or provides essential services for someone’s cancer journey, their fundraising makes a true difference in the fight against cancer. Joining Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society honors survivors, caregivers and those who lost their lives to cancer in a phenomenal way. 

“Come to Relay For Life because there is no other event that really makes you feel like you are doing something. You have really contributed. You’re really making a difference in those people’s lives because our survivors rely on the American Cancer Society for a lot of different services. So, that is what we’re raising money for as well as to find a cure,” Relay for Life team captain Troy said.