Gone Girl stays true to text and deserves critical acclaim


Morgan White

Gone Girl has audiences running to this captivating mystery movie. It is sure to be a suspenseful, puzzling movie that will dazzle viewers.

Anabel Prince, Reporter

Let’s be honest: books adapted into movies often miss vital pieces of the puzzle, disappointing loyal fans and avid readers. Few of these films meet the desired mark, but once in a while, an adaptation will do justice to the original. This proves exceptionally true in the case of Gone Girl, a film directed by David Fincher starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, based off the novel of the same name written by Gillian Flynn.

Reading Gone Girl last year, I was immediately enthralled. The story’s plot focuses on a couple, Nick and Amy Dunne. On their fifth anniversary, Amy goes missing, and all evidence points to Nick. The question readers/movie watchers crave to know during its duration: Did Nick Dunne kill his wife? From this point on, the movie hooks the audience. The story is suspenseful, dramatic, and has a mind-blowing twist midway. The story switches its narration from Nick in the present to diary entries written by Amy in the years of their relationship. Although I was unsure how this element would translate into film, I stood surprised to see it executed almost perfectly.

The actors in this film performed impeccably. Ben Affleck once again proved himself an incredible performer, portraying the guilt-ridden and befuddled Nick. Other mainstream actors such as Neil Patrick Harris and Tyler Perry perfectly filled the character molds of Desi Collings and Tanner Bolt created by Flynn in the novel. Newcomer Rosamund Pike also showed a believable performance as the titular Gone Girl, Amy. The real star of the film in my eyes was Carrie Coon, who portrayed Nick’s twin sister, Margo Dunne. Considering this was Coon’s film debut and she played a supporting character, she stole the show.  There was nary a bad actor in this movie; every character casted perfectly.

While the film ultimately stays true to the novel, devoted fans will notice a few inaccuracies. In the film, a few characters are removed or given a less important part in the story, and some scenes are changed or cut entirely. While these flaws take away from the plot, they do not overshadow the story as a whole.

Seeing as Gone Girl was a fantastic book, the film reached the same level of greatness, a task not always accomplished. With a mysterious plot, marvelous acting, and a story that stays true to the book, Gone Girl will excite and perplex audiences everywhere.

The Chant’s Grade: A-