Opposing viewpoints: Kim Kardashian Hollywood app sends wrong messages to users


Arsheen Kour, Reporter

Kardashian? More like Kartrashian. This summer, reality tv star Kim Kardashian released “the hottest game ever to roam the app store”: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. While the game may be meagerly enjoyable, it certainly does not earn its grand reputation.

The game centers around one theme: getting rich and becoming famous. Young girls can easily access this game and its lack of values. Sure, reaching fame and becoming rich sounds like the perfect game—but in reality, it offers dangerous viewpoints. Adolescents undertake the mindset that the Kardashian life is the only life worth living. After all, why go to school and earn a degree when you can become best friends with Kim Kardashian? Why focus on education and becoming a well rounded individual when you can date different celebrities to impress the paparazzi?

“The game makes everyone want to be some societal view of ‘cool’ without looking into the coolness of doctors or teachers or another kind of service,” senior Victoria Wright said.

The game allows its players to create a character and pretend to live in California, working in a clothing store in downtown LA. While the player works, Kim arrives with a fashion emergency and asks the player to help her arrange a new outfit—as if Kim Kardashian actually considers asking someone other than her fashion consultants for help. The player finds her an outfit and just like that, Kim Kardashian has a new BFF. Kim then introduces the player to a modeling agent, and the player begins their journey to stardom.

While the game’s plot seems interesting, it certainly conveys disturbing elements. Such as how, in order to become greater than a “D-List Celebrity” (as if being any type of celebrity is not enough…), the player must interact with the more popular stars. Kim even encourages the player to date higher-ranked celebrities, just for attention. The game basically sends the message that, unless you have the most Twitter followers, you constitute failure.

According to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, money reigns supreme. In fact, the player’s income partially determines their rank. If the player does not have enough money, or diamonds, to purchase a flattering outfit, then they do not accumulate points. If they do not accumulate points, they cannot get to the next level. If they cannot get to the next level, they cannot increase in rank. And if they cannot increase in rank? Well, why are they even playing in the first place? They should be doing something completely atrocious, like studying or heaven forbid- hanging out with real friends, not virtual Kim Kardashian.

“I know people that are addicted to the game, even when there is really no point to it. It makes no sense,” senior Travis Onyima states.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, despite its alarming theme, does have elements that make it an enjoyable game, such as its vast wardrobe and dream lifestyle. However, I personally hated that certain clothing items were so expensive—does a normal red dress really cost 30 diamonds?

While the game entertains, players should realize that the game remains just a game. Kim Kardashian probably does not enter random clothing stores and create stars out of employees that struggle to get by on minimum wage.

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