Happiness Begins with the Jonas Brothers


Haley Kish

The Jonas Brothers start off their Happiness Begins tour with their song “Rollercoaster” while coming down a moving platform from the top of the stage to the middle. While the platform moved, fireworks and sparks went off exciting the crowd. This amped up the crowd preparing them for the rest of the two-hour show.

Haley Kish, Photo Editor

After their break up in 2013, the Jonas Brothers rocked a comeback, that fans did not expect, stronger than ever. In those six years, Nick Jonas started his solo career and went on tour with Demi Lovato in 2016 and Joe Jonas started a new band, DNCE; meanwhile, Kevin focused on his wife, Danielle Jonas, and started a family. The brothers split due to Nick pursuing his solo career, believing he could make it by himself. A documentary on Amazon called Chasing Happiness, which delves into how the brothers built back up their relationship with one another over the past year, debuted on June 3. During the past year, the brothers focused on their relationship, hashed everything out, made amends, and began writing the album Happiness Begins.

The group released their single “Sucker” on March 1, shocking fans who thought they would never hear a new Jonas Brothers song, and after meeting with positive feedback from their fans, they released their album Happiness Begins on June 9. Before the release of their album, the Jonas Brothers released dates for the Happiness Begins tour; tickets went on pre-sale May 8, selling out the same day.

The Jonas Brothers first performed at the State Farm Arena in downtown Atlanta, on August 12. Jordan McGraw, son of American TV Psychologist Dr. Phil, opened up for them, amping up the crowd with 30 minutes of his songs, including a cover of Blink-182’s “What’s My Age Again?”. McGraw happily preoccupied the crowd while the Jonas Brothers prepared backstage. 

The Jonas Brothers started their concert on a sentimental note with a short introduction video showing Nick, Joe, and Kevin walking through three separate doors, turning into their younger selves. The brothers rode down on a moving platform to the middle of the stage, singing “Rollercoaster” as fans encountered many different emotions from screaming, crying, laughing, jumping, and dancing. As they began singing, sparks and fireworks shot off in the arena. The brothers then went back in time and performed 2007s chart-topper “S.O.S.”.

The next three songs came from Happiness Begins, “Cool,” “Only Human,” and “Strangers,” with a video in between “Cool” and “Only Human” which transitioned the mood of the concert from upbeat to mellow. After “Strangers,” the brothers took it back and played a series of oldies that the fan base grew up on such as “That’s Just the Way We Roll,” and “Fly With Me.” While performing “Fly With Me,” the brothers went from the main stage to a miniature stage that rotated and slowly raised the performers. 

On the rotating stage, the brothers slowed down the mood and sang “Used to Be,” and “Hesitate,” a song Joe wrote for his wife, Sophie Turner. After these songs, the brothers allowed the crowd to request songs they specifically wanted to hear. A fan requested “Please Be Mine,” the first song the band wrote and performed together, and another fan requested “Gotta Find You,” the song Joe sings in Camp Rock when looking for Mitchie (played by Demi Lovato) in the movie, which made the entire arena sing at the top of their lungs along with Joe.

After the fan requests, the brothers ran off the miniature stage and a video started playing on the main screen where Nick met his younger self and amped up the crowd. Once the video ended, Nick popped up on the miniature stage and began singing “Jealous,” his debut solo single. Nick sang the first verse and chorus and Joe joined him on the main stage singing the second verse and chorus together. After “Jealous,” Joe performed “Cake By the Ocean,” the hit single originally performed by DNCE, singing the first verse and chorus with Nick joining him for the rest of the song. During “Cake By the Ocean,” seven inflatable figures popped up while confetti shot everywhere. 

After Joe and Nick performed their songs, they exited the stage while another video popped up on the screen where Kevin met with his younger self while holding his two children, Valentina and Alena Jonas. A piano comes down onto the main stage and Kevin started to play “Comeback” while Nick sings the first verse and chorus and Joe sings the second verse and chorus, which made the crowd fall into more tears. After “Comeback,” the brothers performed “When You Look Me in the Eyes,” and “I Believe.” During “I Believe,” the brothers moved from the main stage to the miniature rotating stage in the back of the arena. On the rotating stage, the brothers performed a medley of their old hit singles, “Mandy”, “Paranoid”, “Got Me Going Crazy”, “Play My Music”, “World War 3”, “Hold On”, and “Tonight” which returned fans to their younger selves by them jumping and singing along not caring about anyone around them. Halfway through the medley, the brothers transitioned from the rotating stage to the main stage.

The next two songs, “Love Bug” and “Year 3000” fan favorites, also continued with the flow of the older songs and made the entire crowd sing and dance along. Once “Year 3000” ended, the brothers ran off the stage and the arena went dark. Fans cheered in hopes for the brothers to return one last time for the encore. After two minutes of cheering, a video of a fire blazing across the screen popped up and the brothers returned singing “Burnin’ Up,” with real fire on stage and saved “Sucker” for their finale.

The brothers return to Atlanta for a second concert at the Gwinnett Infinite Energy Arena in Duluth, Georgia on November 19. The Jonas Brothers did this to provide a second opportunity for fans to see them play if they could not see them on sold out August 12 date. The concert exceeded every expectation that fans made for their comeback and showed how the brothers matured over the years. 

“I knew the concert was going to be good, but it surpassed my expectations and has to be one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. The Jonas Brothers really bonded together and sound much better than they once did when they were younger,” NC community member Robin Butler said.