Shop with a Warrior: Giving back for the holiday season


Courtesy of Shaylon Walker

Shop with a Warrior group members and their Little Warrior enjoy the treats provided by Wal-Mart after a long day of shopping for their family and friends. Laughter and happiness fill the environment as students and young children alike enjoy each other’s company, making new memories worth cherishing.

Janett Rodriguez, Staff

As the holiday season begins, family members and friends eagerly start gift shopping for everyone on their Christmas list. However, families may struggle to check off everyone on their list. To help these underprivileged families, NC hosted their annual Shop with a Warrior on Saturday morning, December 14. Students who volunteered to participate formed groups made up of three other students and collected a total of 100 dollars, receiving an extra 25 dollar donation from the school. The money raised went towards Little Warriors, elementary aged children, who spent their day shopping for loved ones and themselves.

As teams arrived in the main cafeteria to sign in and get their shirts, they welcomed the Little Warriors and their parents. The student teams and their Little Warriors headed to the nearest Wal-Mart where the band played cheerful music and the shopping spree began. The list the Little Warriors provided allowed the teams to see what each of their family members (including the Little Warrior) wanted as a gift. They roamed throughout the aisles, picking out the perfect gifts for their family members.

“Seeing the faces of the children picking out the presents was truly a heart-warming moment. I saw how appreciative these children were for the smallest things and their desire to pick the perfect gifts for their family members,” senior Miku Fawcett said.

As teams and their Little Warriors finished picking the last presents, they headed to the check-out line and went back to the school where they wrapped the presents. Once they finished wrapping the presents, they enjoyed pizza, cookies and refreshments. While the Little Warriors waited for their parents to pick them up, they interacted with Santa Claus and got their face painted.

“I volunteer every year, and I share the same amazing experience each time. It’s a great time to spread the holiday joy, especially to those who may not be as fortunate as others,” Magnet senior Jacqueline Ortiz said.

Shop with a Warrior never fails to leave a smile on the children’s faces. As the local community comes together, the season of giving spreads out among the community as everyone experiences the true meaning of the holiday season.