Pep rally a slam dunk


Estefany Perdomo-Montoya

“The teachers also got into the game; it was great to see everyone getting along,” junior Yamile Farias said. Teachers and students rarely get to interact with one another outside of a classroom environment, and the basketball game at Friday’sprovided NC teachers and students to interact. Everyone enjoyed the pep rally to boost the warrior spirit at NC.

Estefany Perdomo-Montoya, Staff

The members of Tribal Connections (TC) at NC noticed a severe lack of Warrior spirit ever since the pep rally they held last semester for homecoming. With an almost nonexistent senior section and a junior section that hardly participated, the TC students worked hard to make the pep rally this past Friday, January 24 the best one of the year, reviving the warrior spirit. 

“I don’t tend to enjoy the pep rallies not because I lack spirit but I think the issue is that the school lacked spirit. Everyone used to hate going to pep rallies since it seemed that only the athletes participated,” senior Yuritzy Farias said.

With the goal of improving student engagement and involving all students in the pep rally, the planning committee knew they needed to include some creative activities. The challenging part of planning the pep rally for TC was thinking of an activity that could obtain and keep the attention of more than 2,000 students.

“We tried to make this pep rally special and engaging so we thought why not have a basketball game but include students that weren’t on the team, and the student body thoroughly enjoyed it,” senior Rahel Kefetew said. 

The hard work of the TC students paid off. The Warrior spirit never filled a room like it did on Friday. The student body was engaged and filled with energy as they cheered on their peers. The student body participated like never before and the arena was filled with happiness.

“My favorite part of the pep rally was definitely paying attention this time, everyone seemed to really enjoy watching the students play basketball. I loved watching and cheering the students play in what is now my favorite pep rally,” junior Alexa Dominguez said.