Rex Orange County ponies up for Atlanta


Elyssa Abbott

The energetic atmosphere of the concert radiated an uplifting spirit due to the messages of Rex Orange County’s songs about personal growth. After a breakup, Pony reflects his journey of accepting himself and focusing on his independence, a message that a significant portion of his listeners can easily relate to in their own lives.

Elyssa Abbott, Editor-in-Chief

Debuting his second studio album Pony, Alex O’Connor, better known as Rex Orange County, travels to Atlanta on February 27 to conclude his European and North American tour. Complete with clouds and ponies to decorate the stage, Rex Orange County sang hit songs such as 10/10 and Pluto Projector.

Since he played at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, a smaller venue in the city, closeness and intimacy was encouraged between him and concert-goers. He began the upbeat concert with a fan favorite, 10/10, a reminiscent song about the past and looking forward to the future in hopes of achieving a “10” in his personal growth. The 21-year old English artist played not only songs from Pony, but also from his previous album Apricot Princess. Best Friend, Sunflower and Loving Is Easy, arguably the most popular of his songs, brought the crowd the energy they lacked during the newer songs. 

Between songs, O’Connor spoke to the crowd about his past four months of travel across different countries and his first trip to Atlanta. Complete with a simple collared shirt and tie, Rex Orange County played several songs by himself with only a piano, which radiated his down-to-earth nature to the audience. 

“I loved how he interacted with the crowd and sang extra songs to us. It was really refreshing that he played the piano and guitar himself since most artists use a full band,” NC junior Bella Van said. 

Halfway through the performance, O’Connor switched his stage decor to an outline of a pony to match his album. Along with the upbeat songs, such as Laser Lights, the stage flashed with bright pink lights and confetti fell from above. During Best Friend, O’Connor asked the crowd for a special request. 

“My favorite song that he performed was  Best Friend because he asked us to not record so that we could fully enjoy the song and just enjoy that moment for the time being. He wanted a moment that was only between him and us,” Magnet junior Rashida Jalloh said. 

Finishing the concert with an emotional performance of It’s Not the Same Anymore, Rex Orange County reflects on the Pony tour as Atlanta marks the last stop of the journey.  He promises the ecstatic crowd that he will return to Atlanta soon to perform and fulfill their hearts with music once again.