Healy evades the pressure in Sophomore album “Tungsten”


Courtesy of Henry O. Head & Ethan Healy

Singer-songwriter Ethan Healy, entered the music scene with a pair of projects titled Sublxe and A Galaxy With Skin. After collecting over 50 million streams on his most famous song “Reckless,” fans patiently awaited a new project from the Memphis native. “Tungsten,” whose title stems from the science term of a rare metal found in the Earth’s surface, falls as Healy’s third project to date. “I look at albums like furnished little worlds we can escape to, and I’ve been living in Tungsten for the past three years,” Healy said.

Peyton Stack, Sports Editor

Filled with distant plucks of guitar chords and ambient sounds that one might hear during a typical day, Ethan Healy, better known as “Healy,” struck a chord with listeners in his newest album titled Tungsten. The singer-songwriter, who rose to fame on Soundcloud through more Hip-Hop inspired tracks, took a brief hiatus from releasing music for the past couple of years. Healy signed and partnered with RCA records to produce his most recent project, which revolved around the concept of time and dealing with one’s inner struggles. Coming in at a total of 34 minutes, the Memphis native creates his own world of emotions and moods for listeners to indulge in.

“I’ve spent my whole life running from who I’m becoming. I finally took off my armor and made this project. It’s as vulnerable as it is understated -and it’s not perfect, but it’s me. I used to be scared of dying, and I’ve held the hardest grudge against time for as long as I can remember. But this album helped me let go and find peace in impermanence,” Healy said.

After a brief, relaxing introduction that features running water and muffled sounds, Healy sets the tone of the project with the song, “Everything’s Fine.” Somber vocals provided by the artist known as Cautious Clay and unique vocal effects on the repetitive chorus sparks a modest tone that picks up as the song plays on. At the very end, a sudden film roll sound effect fills the silent void and transitions into one of the project’s most emotionally naked tracks. “Deep Cuts” enters with a jolting synth and slowly builds as Healy cuts in with personal lyrics. The album begins to soar with the upbeat tune titled “Nikes On,” which collected over 9 million Spotify streams since its debut in March of 2020. 


“And the daydreams sting like sunburn, eighteen and ain’t getting younger, why time got his Nikes on?” Healy sings. 

After passing the midpoint of the 13 song project, Healy features a collection of other talented artists to help convey his emotions and thoughts. “Cannonball,” which features Jcksn Ave., greatly plays to the roots of the album’s listed genre of R&B/Soul. Belting the song’s first words from the very beginning, Healy allows the smooth track to flow perfectly into Jcksn Ave.’s powerful hook that fully encapsulates the listener’s attention. As the project floats down the tracklist, listeners hear a more upbeat track in “Back in Time” which features Public Library Commute. PLC, along with producers YOG$ and Forty Thieves, helped produce a bulk of the project, which allowed Healy to diverge into new heights of his sound. Healy finishes the newest project to his name with the song “Part of Me,” which received an accompanying music video. Healy taps into the roots of his ego, mind, and emotions to bring out the deepest song on the album. “Part of Me,” eclipsed over 300,000 streams on Spotify in less than a week, and came to fruition from a short poem that the artist wrote himself. 

“I was first introduced to Healy when he released the song Nikes On back in March of 2020. When quarantine hit, I dove into his discography more and more, and have fallen in love with his music. This album hits deep, and kind of encapsulates my Junior year so far,” NC Magnet junior Bentley Huff said. Various students around NC’s campus also showed their support for the singer’s newest project.

As time continues to trickle on from Tungsten’s January 13th release date, the project aims to represent a halfway point between self acceptance and an understanding of intangible topics. Students, along with other listeners around the world, anticipate future releases that Healy brings to the table. 


The Chant’s grade: A