TikTok takes over the Olympics


Chancelor Gordon

Every four years, the Olympics offers people the opportunity to come together and cheer on their country in their favorite sports. For the first time, the upcoming Olympic Games will feature a new event: TikTok. With the attention that TikTok received in recent years, the Olympic Committee took the opportunity to add it to the games. In doing so, they fulfill the desire to host part of the games virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic and increase much needed ticket sales.

Chancelor Gordon

The Olympics experienced several changes in recent years. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Olympics moved to 2021, its first time during an odd numbered year, as opposed to taking place in 2020. Numerous additions to the lineup of events occurred, including the addition of the world’s largest craze: TikTok.

All ages can participate in the TikTok event. Consisting of multiple different categories such as dance and comedy, the Olympic Committee encourages countries to choose the top three TikTokers from each to compete for the gold medal. Participants must come prepared and refrain from making any TikToks in advance.   

Olympic events generally consist of the traditional sports, such as soccer, gymnastics, and swimming. Lately, the Olympic Committee has introduced several unconventional sports, starting with skateboarding and most recently adding TikTok. The Olympic Committee feels that adding tiktoking to the lineup provides the perfect opportunity to diversify and refresh the games. 

“Every year, me and my family sit down to watch the Olympic games. We really love the Olympics, but lately it has started to feel repetitive and boring. Tik Tok is super cool and so much fun. I think the Olympic Committee made a great decision, and TikTok will really spice up the games, making them interesting once again,” NC freshman Sarah James said. 

TikTok arrived on the social media scene and captivated users all around the world. With over 689 million monthly users, people cannot take their eyes off the app. Organizers expect this fascination with the platform to drive ticket sales through the roof. Although the Olympics serves as one of the only global events, the traditional Olympic sports cater to countries in which those sports receive major participation. The playing field remains level with TikTok.

“There has always been a certain level of unfair play when it comes to the Olympics because the most popular sports are used. Not all countries practice these sports, and the sports popular in different countries are not always available at the Olympics. The Olympics has always catered to the athletically inclined as well, but TikTok allows everyone to participate in the same capacity,” Olympics coordinator, Jane Hurst said. 

This new addition applies to the Paralympic Games, Summer Olympics, Special Olympics, and Winter Olympics. With countless amounts of expected participants, TikTokers must step up their game if they hope to claim any medals in this event. If all goes well, the Olympic Committee will potentially introduce to the world what they call the TikTok Games in 2030.  

“I am so excited for the opportunity to showcase my passion for TikToking to the world. TikTok is not just some fun thing that people do to pass time. You have the potential to inspire, move hearts, and really make a difference through TikTok. This new addition is going to be big; I feel it,” Olympic hopeful, Rose Taylor said.

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