What happened in Biden’s first 100 days?


Courtesy of CBS

While Presidents in the past have faced immense public pressure in the beginning of their terms, few compare to the pressure faced by President Joseph Biden. By taking office after Donald Trump as well as the circumstances surrounding fraudelance in his election, Biden continues to face scrutiny and the public keeps a close eye on him and has closely monitored his first 100 days.

Lainey Devlin, Copy Editor

Throughout President Joe Biden’s first 100 days in the White House, he enacted many changes that allowed the American people to see the direction he plans on taking the country. In his first few days in office, he made his stance on fighting COVID-19 completely clear, and since then has distributed 220 million vaccines to fight against the pandemic. 

Also in an effort to restore the economy after the pandemic, Biden promised in his first 100 days he would create 1.3 million jobs, and he delivered on that promise. The jobs created exceed the amount of new jobs in the first 100 days of any other president to date. Despite the disappointing April job report, Biden has substantially lowered the unemployment rate since he took office and plans to make up for the April numbers. 

Socially, Biden has advocated for many changes, some of which have surprised the American people. However, he has not lived up to a multitude of his original campaign promises. Despite his efforts to lower sexual assault within the military as well as combat economic equality. Biden has neglected to devote direct resources to help protect transgender women, address systematic racism in US institutions, and begin criminal justice reform, all of which lied within his original campaign promises. While he did sign the Equality Act, it has yet to pass, but Biden has consistently shown his support for the LGBTQ+ community. 

In terms of foreign policy, Biden has moved to bring home the troops from Afghanistan, with a goal return date of September 11, 2021, 20 years after the devastating event that enacted America’s longest war. He also plans on rejoining the Iran Nuclear Deal, with motions to do so already in progress. After rejoining the World Health Organization early in his term, Biden has proved to America’s allies that we take the pandemic seriously. 

By rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, Biden showed early on that environmental protections, a priority in his campaign, will grow substantially during his term. Since then, he has proposed 29 environmental protection policies, and finalized 18 of them. He has also overturned 32 of former President Donald Trump’s most harmful environmental policies. He plans on taking the U.S. on a journey to a more equitable future through clean energy, and protecting the planet. 

While Biden’s first 100 days have shown great promise, the American people expect him to continue to prove himself for the next three and a half years if he hopes to win reelection, he has stated that he plans on running in 2024. The U.S. continues to look for improvement socially and economically throughout Biden’s term. 

“Since Biden has taken over from such an incapable president, his first 100 days in office have felt like a breath of fresh air. Although he is NOT the perfect candidate, or anything close to it, I believe he has done a great job handling the pandemic and distributing vaccines. I’m happy to say I was able to be vaccinated way before the estimated time was, I believe sometime in the summer. I’m excited to see how Biden’s presidency progresses in the next few months,” senior Molly Geraci said.