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Lainey, a senior at North Cobb, enjoys learning about almost anything, except math. She also enjoys hiking, working out, and has picked up a new hobby in film photography. Over the months spent in quarantine, she has explored her artistic side, and also found a love for poetry books, her favorite being Chameleon Aura. While Lainey enjoys being outside, she also lives for rainy days where she can get cozy in her bed and binge her favorite show, Criminal Minds, which she cannot watch after 9 pm. Lainey loves music and podcasts and listens to both constantly. Her favorite podcast right now is Scam Goddess, hosted by Lacey Mosley, and her favorite artist is Local Natives. She has two younger siblings who she loves more than anything, as well as two incredibly supportive parents who have given her an amazing childhood and continue to inspire her and others. She is lucky to have so many incredible people surrounding her and supporting her and cannot express how thankful she is. Lainey hopes to go to college after high school and hopefully continue working in the journalism field. She is very grateful for the opportunity that The Chant has provided to her for the third year in a row to write and edit stories and cannot wait to see what the school year has to offer. She is excited to make The Chant the best it has ever been. 

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Why to take the vaccine

Why to take the vaccine

January 30, 2021
While positive influencers exist on social media, the majority of the biggest platforms consist of size 0’s, fitness trends, and harmful diets. The new age of social media continues to impact the younger generations by promoting a skinny ideal not always achievable by everybody. The lack of attainability of this perfect body type can cause harmful habits such as body checking, overexertion, and disordered eating. “Social media has probably increased disordered eating because everyone is on social media. The problem is that it’s in-your-face 24/7. Without social media you might have a day or a week to just be with yourself, to focus on your hobbies, to build resilience, to realize your value lies in connecting with family, with kindness, humor, art, schoolwork, creativity, etc. But now there is no break. The comparisons are relentless. The inner critic gets louder. The sense of inadequacy grows like wildfire. The need to diet spikes. The devastation of failure follows. Self-esteem sinks deeper,” licensed nutritionist Betsy Thurston said.


December 14, 2020
The variety of drinks that Tiktok users have invented provides a unique taste for every kind of Starbucks consumer. Those who do not enjoy a bitter coffee taste, but would still like caffeine can try the Pumpkin Chai Tea Latte for the perfect medium.

Tiktok Starbucks drinks

November 6, 2020
Dear Americans

Dear Americans

April 2, 2020
Teachers receive a new obstacle to tackle as the administration’s new policy falls into place. After establishing private stories for each class, teachers excitedly show off their quarantine classrooms and maintain student-teacher relationships. “We’ve had this plan in the works for a long time. With schools being out due to the virus I feel like it is an even better plan now because Warrior Nation will stay connected,” NC Principal Matt Moody said.

Snapping Students?

March 31, 2020
“I’m just here for the good times, man. I want people to have the best time ever, especially if they’re around me,” Scott said. He portrays this energy clearly in his documentary, Look Mom, I can fly by providing the viewer with exciting concert footage complete with bright lights, dancing, and mosh pits. However, the documentary lacks the substance that some fans desired.

Look, mom! I can flop

September 6, 2019
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