CBD; Let’s talk about it


Lainey Devlin

Recently it feels like CBD stores continue to pop up on every corner. This booming business leaves people questioning if CBD shows any real benefit. The potential miracle supplement both intrigues and confuses people as they wonder how this little plant has expanded into a multibillion-dollar industry. “I feel like it’s an industry that has really just exploded and with all new things, there is always that element of excitement. But I do feel like this is something that came out because there was a need for it, people needed to have other health options to explore,” Roya Rajabnik said.

Lainey Devlin, Copy Editor

With CBD stores popping up everywhere, many wonder about the actual benefits of the newest natural medicine fad. Despite the stigma surrounding it, CBD has grown into a 4.6 billion dollar industry. Often confused with each other, CBD and recreational weed have always been sourced from different plants. Sourced from a hemp plant, cannabidiol also occurs naturally in the body and whereas recreational marijuana does not occur naturally in the body and comes from a marijuana plant. Despite both coming from cannabis, the parent plant of both plants, marijuana plants contain over.3% THC and hemp plants do not contain more than .3% THC. 

As with many natural medicines, another stigma around CBD centers around whether or not it actually shows benefits. From essential oils to herbs to CBD, this argument rises to the surface seemingly with every natural health trend. Due to the lack of research on CBD, scientists cannot definitively say CBD shows benefits for stress relief, pain, acne, heart health among many others, butut some swear by the organic medicine. This leads others to believe that CBD may show no benefits and solely act as a placebo effect drug. 

“Even if it is a placebo effect, people are getting the results they want or need and that’s all that matters. If you feel less pain after taking CBD then it has done its job,” Roya Rajabnik of YourCBD Acworth said. 

CBD, known for its anxiety-relieving effects, may aid in students’ mental health. Those who take CBD show improvement in their circadian rhythm, report feeling less stressed and sleep better. All of which could benefit students. While the legal age to buy CBD has not changed from 18, YourCBD Acworth reports seeing parents and their teens come in to give it a try. If CBD does not aid in students’ general well-being, it shows no negative effects. Meaning students will inflict no harm by trying out the new, natural medicine. 

“We had a football player, maybe 16, come in with his mom the other day to grab some CBD for his muscle aches from playing the sport. We have people come in like that all the time and they show improvement,” Rajabnik said.