How not to break to the bank this prom season


Lainey Devlin

Prom season comes with significant stress, chief among them worrying about money for attire and thousands of options. Thankfully, a variety of online and in-person stores exist boasting hundreds of inexpensive dresses each and allowing each girl to live her own prom night fantasy. “Prom is so important, but it’s also really sad because there’s so much stress leading up to it that it almost takes away from the fun of it all,” Harrison junior Cassidy Culbreth said.

Lainey Devlin, Sports Editor

With prom season just around the corner, the prom dress search begins among stereotypically broke high school students. The tireless search for cost-efficient dress options spans across generations, but at long last, The Chant provides the comprehensive list of the most price-efficient prom dresses that will have girls feeling fabulous. 


The popular clothing store, Windsor, completely transforms come prom season. The racks, lined with prom dresses of all colors, shapes and styles boast inexpensive prices with great quality. The size-inclusive brand offers an option for every girl on their special night. 


This popular online clothing store holds its claim to fame due to its selection of formal wear. Not only does it offer high-quality styles, but at low prices as well: a teen shopper’s dream. Lulu’s also sells jewelry, shoes, and accessories, making it a one-stop-shop for all things prom. 

Lucy in the Sky

Imagine showing up to prom and seeing another girl wearing your dress. Sounds like something out of your worst nightmares, right? Fortunately, Lucy in the Sky offers a variety of one of a kind dresses to ensure every girl feels unique on their special night. Along with the inclusive sizing, the online boutique offers multiple dress lengths to save money on altering. 

“I feel it’s important for a girl to feel pretty and special at prom because it is a night they will remember forever. Prom dresses can be anywhere from $70-$1000, which is crazy because we will really go all the way to buy the perfect prom dress, which we shouldn’t have to,” senior Maddie Hewitt said. 

Prom remains a special night for high schoolers everywhere. Fortunately, with all the cost-efficient options available today, girls can strut to the dance feeling pretty without breaking the bank.