Soon to become a Yellow Jacket, Ford commits to the hive


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Junior Harry Ford recently committed to Georgia Tech after playing baseball for 13 years. His hard work and consistent improvement paid off because he received an offer and partial scholarship which he looks forward to pursuing.

Lainey Devlin, Sports Editor

Just around the corner for seniors, junior Harry Ford takes an early step ahead with the college process, committing to Georgia Tech on August 4. Throughout his thirteen-year baseball career, Ford has proven a promising prospect for multiple colleges across the nation. 

Starting at age three, Ford fell in love with playing baseball. Reflecting on everything it taught him, from technique to teamwork, Ford credits baseball with shaping him into the person he has grown into.

Ford started playing baseball at age three on a neighborhood t-ball team. His dad quickly realized he loved and found a talent in it, and that launched his baseball career. He moved on to play for travel ball teams and eventually nationally ranked travel ball teams, as well as making the varsity Warriors’ baseball team as a freshman. 

“I like baseball because of how much it has taught me about failure and how it is the only sport where you can fail seven out of ten times and still be successful [getting a hit three out of ten times for the rest of your life will allow the player the opportunity to make it into the hall of fame],” Ford said. 

Ford recalls multiple scouts watching him at games, therefore NC varsity baseball Coach, Tom Callahan, found it unsurprising that Ford committed so quickly. 

“With all the recruiting attention he was getting, it was not a matter of if he would commit, but where,” Callahan said. 

Lainey Devlin
Teammates and coaches look on, proud, as Ford makes the next step towards his future.
“I am extremely proud of the person and player he is and happy to have him represent our program here and at the next level,” head varsity coach, Tom Callahan said.

Feeling excited about the commitment, Ford eagerly looks forward to his future at Georgia Tech on a partial scholarship. Besides baseball, Ford also plays basketball at NC and involves himself in the International Studies Magnet program at NC, which aided him in receiving attention from major schools, such as Georgia Tech. He plans to continue working hard both on the field and in the classroom through college. 

“One of my favorite qualities about Harry is his work ethic. He is not easily distracted and working with him keeps you focused and determined. When he sees you are giving up he will motivate you to get back on your feet,” friend and junior Alejandro Checo said. 

As well as friends, teammates also think of Ford as a hard worker, he often attends early morning training before school and stays after practice to work on his technique, and clearly, his hard work paid off. Teammates say that although Ford works hard, he stays humble and adds a unique quality to the team. He lifts people up and always offers encouragement, advice, or a listening ear. 

“Harry is more than a teammate to me, he’s a brother. There is a bond between us that is like no other, and he’s always so encouraging and inspires me to be better beyond the baseball field. I love his determination and I am in awe every time he plays. He is so motivating and encouraging,” Magnet senior and teammate Josh Dixon said

Ford thanks his wonderful support system at home, saying his biggest fan, his mom, pushes him to work harder every day. He hopes to continue to make her proud as he moves on to the next chapter. 

“[He] has made me proud, prouder than I ever could have hoped for, prouder than I ever could have wished or wanted. I am [his] biggest cheerleader and biggest fan. He has made me happier, grateful, and I am appreciative that I am his mom. I love him unconditionally, except when he drives in that car too fast,” Harry’s mom, Deborah Ford said. 

Ford hopes to act as a great contribution to the Georgia Tech baseball team, with his incredible arm and national status, he plans on taking the team far. 

Lainey Devlin
“Georgia Tech has been my number one school for such a long time, finding out that they gave me an offer was mind-blowing and instantly I was so excited,” Ford said. He thanks both of his parents, all of his coaches, teammates, and all the people that have supported him throughout his journey and he cannot wait to make them proud.

“I really hope to better every team I’m on. Georgia Tech is a big school and I am very blessed that they gave me an offer so I want to work hard and show them they made the right choice,” Ford said.