5 additional underrated Joe Rogan podcasts


Peyton Stack

With over one thousand six hundred total episodes, the JRE stands as one of the world’s most famous podcasts. Rogan, who possesses knowledge and skills in multiple areas, typically tries to question and challenge his guests that visit the show. Fans of the JRE typically tend to learn more about the world around them with the information they gather from each guest. If Rogan’s high-profile guests fail to establish legitimacy, then possibly the millions of views that each episode collects builds a reputation.

Peyton Stack, Co-Copy Editor

People a part of the “Baby Boom” and “Gen X” generations constantly criticize today’s youth for their reliance on technology which breeds short attention spans. Though this accusation in most cases stands true, one of the world’s most famous podcasts, “The Joe Rogan Experience,” disproves this assertion. Rogan spends hours of his life talking to unique individuals from all fields, documenting and publishing these prolonged conversations.

With exactly one thousand, six hundred ninety-three total episodes as of August 11, Rogan’s most famous podcasts revolve around guests such as Elon Musk, Kanye West, Mike Tyson and various others. Due to such diverse names and their respective popularity, the majority of listeners miss out on less popular guests that make for an entertaining episode. These less viewed episodes still contain fascinating people, experiences, and conversations, building a subtle catalogue of “slept on” informative podcasts. 

“I listen to the JRE because I like his interview style and I think he has great connections. I also think that he brings people on his podcast that are smart and unique, which is what separates this podcast from others,” NC Magnet senior Tatiana Cobos said. 

Joe Rogan Experience #1403 – Forrest Galante

Forrest Galante, a world renowned biologist and animal expert, appeared on the JRE for a second time on December 19, 2019. Growing up in Africa, Galante collected an abundance of experiences that shaped his future career path. Throughout the episode, Rogan and Galante dive into the world of exploring exotic species and even touch base on lost societies. Galante reminisces on his time in the Galapagos, which included the discovery of the Fernandina Island tortoise. The Animal Planet host provides a unique perspective into the field of wildlife biology, while also discussing the development of the human race. Both Rogan and Galante converse at an intelligent level that keeps listeners intrigued, but also manage to incorporate comedic comments throughout.

“You’re experiencing so many different facets of life on Earth-like you’re going to all these different environments and ecosystems,” Rogan said.

Joe Rogan Experience #1691 – Yeonmi Park

In one of the most dangerous stories in the JRE’s history, Park Yeon-mi, also known as Yeonmi Park, shares her breathtaking story about fleeing from North Korea. On August 3, 2021, the successful activist and author, allots her past to Rogan who sits in disbelief when Park describes stories of her time in North Korea and specifically the governmental conflict there. Park informs Rogan about the starvation, fear, and murder attempts that the citizens of North Korea witness or experience that led to her arrival in the United States in 2014. Though Park received multiple accusations of fraud for her claims against North Korea, Park and Rogan conduct an informative episode that raises awareness for inhumane treatment.

“There is no electricity, and sometimes people would have to push the train,” Park said.

Joe Rogan Experience #1492 – Jocko Willink 

John Gretton “Jocko” Willink brought his intimidating presence to the JRE on June 20, 2020. Despite Wilink’s exemplary military appearance, the retired United States Navy Seal, author, and podcast host, shows his intelligence throughout his three-hour conversation with Rogan. Wilink and Rogan discuss the current state of America, the COVID-19 pandemic, martial arts, and Dwayne Johnsons’ legitimate case for the presidency. Willink justifies various claims with his experiences in the Navy, and how a typical commander would lead or solve certain situations. Rogan and Wilink share multiple common interests and ideologies that make this episode entertaining for all types of individuals.

“It is very horrible when I see all this divide. To have been in the Military and to have been on the battlefield, and to have fought alongside guys of every background. White, Black, Mexican, Puerto Rican, Asian… everyone is out there, going to these memorial services,” Wilink said.

Joe Rogan Experience #1622 – Marcus Lutrell

For those looking for an incredible story, retired United States Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell upholds just that. Appearing on the JRE on March 24, 2021, Rogan sits in pure astonishment as Lutrell 

shares his story of surviving Operation Red Wingswhich earned him the Navy Cross and Purple Heart for his actions. Made famous in the award-winning film “Lone Survivor”, Lutrell details the events of that day, which revolve around the ambush of his four-man squadron. Lutrell, the only survivor, describes what he saw that day, his unforgettable thirst while in the Afghan desert, and the village that helped save him. Rogan leads the conversations with specific questions but allows Lutrell to take hold of the spotlight. The pair’s conversation borderlines a feeling of intensity and purity, while expanding on the events soldiers experience. 

“Someone would try to kill me, and a bullet would fly through the wall, so they would have to move me,” Lutrell said. 

Joe Rogan Experience #1419 – Daryl Davis

Social activism remains a prevalent topic throughout today’s world, and the majority of people try to foster change through social media. Before this era became known, activist, author, and musician, Daryl Davis, tried to inspire real-world change. On January 30, 2020, Davis informed Rogan of his work concerning the Ku Klux Klan and his efforts to fight racism as an African-American. Davis described his experience at KKK meetings and revealed how he convinced over 200 members to leave this group behind. Davis shares intense stories that revolve around gut-wrenching encounters with these people, which constantly leaves Rogan in complete silence. Additionally, Davis and Rogan touch base on the Alt-Right group and potential terrorist attacks within the world. Listening to Davis speak requires one’s full attention, but teaches important lessons that the entire world could use.

“How can somebody hate you, when they don’t even know you?” Davis said. 

Over the years, the JRE stumbled into consumer culture, and changed how people viewed the world. Rogan’s podcast allows people from all corners of the world to connect with professionals and discover new areas of expertise to further explore. 

“I really enjoy that he shows multiple perspectives on every episode so I can learn new things. For example, my favorite episodes would probably be the one with Emily Harrington or Mariana Van Zeller one because of its intellectuality,” Cobos said.