French Escape in Sandy Springs: Cafe Vendome


Nyah Peace

Cafe Vendome’s yummy and artistic lattes prove themselves Instagram-worthy. With imported coffee beans from a shiny espresso machine at the front counter, the restaurant promises no preservatives, fresh ingredients and the authentic French touch.

J'nyah Peace, Reporter

Atlanta’s Cafe Vendome, just on the lines outside of Sandy Springs’s ritzy Roswell area, brings French vintage values to chic contemporary decor. Despite the vast and brightly lit interior, Cafe Vendome feels intimate and inviting, making a perfect setting for date nights and group gatherings. The restaurant boasts an authentic French patisserie selection, complete with hand-created challah bread and macaroons. The owner and founder, Hamid Rouchdi, holds French and Moroccan heritage which inspired him to open the two cafes. He wants to keep the cafe authentic and fresh. 

“I want to keep all the ingredients fresh-no preservatives and highest quality ingredients. That’s what makes the food here amazing,” Rouchdi said. 

Warming workers at the charming front, adjacent from the bakery, craft artisan lattes and macchiatos, stay true to European coffees. The employees present themselves as readily available to answer all questions about calorie amount and ingredients, they also accept substitutions as well. The menu, written in clean cursive behind the front desk, features menu items in French and English. 

The restaurant’s interior follows a modern cafe tone with splashes of red throughout, including on the patio where you get a view of the foliage in Atlanta. Inside, groups cozied up & sat comfortably in front of massive French paintings. The waiters remain extremely attentive and polite. Copper lighting sparkles overhead the customers, vintage rust throughout adds to the cozy atmosphere. 

“I’d love to visit again very soon, I loved the art lattes. This entire restaurant is so beautiful, I want to come often despite the distance and everything”  magnet junior Rowan Moretz said.

Most customers seemed extremely satisfied, enjoying their crafted coffees against the tufted leather booths. An influx of groups gathered by brunch hour, loitering by the glass container surrounding the restaurant. If you couldn’t grab a spot at the patio, the restaurant wraps in clear glass windows in portions so guests can take in scenery. 

Cafe Vendome’s atmosphere attracted large parties to engage in coffee dates and study groups. With French classics and pop flowing through the speakers and complementary desserts, the European music adds to the authenticity of the atmosphere. For a quaint cafe, this must-try in the outer Atlanta area remains worth the drive from NC.

“The highway can get crazy on the weekends, but the food was amazing. Everything felt so authentic like I was actually standing in Paris” said GSU student Edith Alverado. 

(The Chant’s Grade: A)