Three books that inspire students to read


Valentina Gonzalez

These books contain captivating storylines that will not bore readers or cause them to want to stop reading halfway through. Mandatory books students read in school feel constant and outdated. Schools and teachers should allow students to pick their own books for independent projects to help them engage and learn about the types of genres they enjoy. If one attempts to look, they could find a book that sparks their interest.

Valentina Gonzalez, Reporter

Students read by obligation in their ELA classes as a requirement of their states’ curriculum. Students usually dread the idea of reading a book from over 50 years ago that does not contain any significance to their current era. When students feel this, it causes them to hate reading entirely. With the right recommendations, students may discover a newfound love for reading.

“Daisy Jones & The Six”

“Daisy Jones & The Six” shows the point of view of multiple characters in the ‘70s who relate to Daisy Jones, a singer and former member of the band, The Six. Written by Taylor Jenkins Reid and published March 5, 2019, the band and book capture the essence of the rock and roll era in the late 1900s and include mentions of drug use, abortion, alcohol use, unplanned pregnancy, parental neglect, death and rehab. This book contains heavy inspiration from the band Fleetwood Mac. Reid recommends this book for people 15 and above. The book mentions multiple songs throughout the story and lists all the songs with the lyrics at the end of the book. “Daisy Jones and The Six” became a TV adaptation within two years after the book’s publication with a promotion by Reese Witherspoon and her book club. The show will star Riley Keough and Sam Clafflin as the leads on Amazon Prime.

“I’ve heard very good things about ‘Daisy Jones and The Six.’ Instagram, Goodreads and my friends tell me how great the book is and always recommend it to me. I cannot wait for the show to come out and to hear all the songs that everyone says sound so good,” sophomore Addison Hill said.

“Love is a Mixtape”

Written by Rob Sheffield and published January 2, 2007, “Love is a Mixtape” tells the true story of Shefield and his true love, Renee, who unfortunately passes away after their short five years of marriage. Through music, albums, playlists and mixtapes, he shows their favorite songs and artists, and lists all the characteristics he first noticed and loved about Renee while reminiscing on their time together. He starts to remember their entire journey as a couple and how they fell in love through music.

“The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo”

Starting at Evelyn Hugo’s death bed, Evelyn describes her young years filled with fun, mischief and scandals to an as-yet unknown magazine reporter, Monique Grant. Written by Taylor Jenkins Reid and published June 13, 2017, “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” interests readers in an engaging storyline. Throughout Evelyn’s story, she mainly describes how joining the show business changed her life at a young age. She explains how she met each of her seven husbands and all the problems that happened within her marriages. While learning about Evelyn’s life, Monique recognizes certain aspects and details that Evelyn tells her and realizes that Evelyn’s life intersects with hers in an irreversible way. 

“‘The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo’ was a very interesting read and intriguing book. I love the way the book is formatted, and I absolutely adored this book because of the character development. I love how the reporter who interviewed Evelyn, was very relatable and grew as a person throughout the book, and found what made her happy. ‘The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo’ is one of my top books whenever people ask me for book recommendations,” sophomore Olivia Doucette said.

Books contain different worlds to explore, and the right book can open someone’s eyes to the possibility of endless realities and adventures. Reading helps with creativity, while the mind learns a multitude of new facts and lifestyles for future reference. If one ever feels bored or tired of spending time on their phone, reading stands as an amazing opportunity to improve motor skills. It remains important for people to test books to see if they found the right book to enhance their creativity and impact their mind space.