Jack Harlow: “Come Home the Kids Miss You” tour


Erinn Gardner

Jack Harlow graced the stage Sunday, October 16 at the State Farm Arena for his album tour “Come Home the Kids Miss You”. With other artists ranging from City Girls to Lil Baby performing their acts, the crowd stayed engaged for the entirety of his show. With Atlanta serving as the last show destination, Harlow poured 100% of his energy into the audience. Die-hard fans, as well as ordinary concert attendees, enjoyed the excitement and passion that Harlow brought to the table.

Erinn Gardner, Editor In Chief

Jack Harlow blessed the ears of thousands of ATLliens at State Farm Arena October 16, with hot tracks from his newest album, “Come Home the Kids Miss You”. The Kentucky-born rapper saved the best tour show for last and ended with a banger. The supporters sang/rapped their hearts out while savoring every moment of Harlow’s complex performance.

“The first Jack Harlow concert I went to was his show at Music Midtown last year. That one was really good and was a blast to be in the pit for the first time, but the Music Midtown show has a special place in my heart because it was the first time we actually met. Come Home the Kids Miss You definitely isn’t his best album, but my favorites from the album have to be “Young Harleezy”, “Poison” (minus Lil Wayne’s part), “Like a Blade of Grass”, “I Got a Shot” and “I’d Do Anything to Make You Smile” just because of the diversity of the songs, it makes it really enjoyable to listen to it, instead of it being the same type of song over and over again,” senior Lucas Rocha. 

Similar to other artists, Harlow kicked off his show with a series of starter performers to hype the crowd. The Homies, a lesser-known music group, wanted to energize the fans, as well as put their name out there. The four members of the group, Acepro, Shloob, 2forwoyne and Quiisso continue to perform with Harlow, after years of making beats with him. Although the audience did not appear as familiar with their music, the lively group provided them with a beyond adequate performance. 

City Girls performed as the first official opener, and a handful of viewers attended exclusively the concert to watch. City Girls JT and Yung Miami grabbed the attention of the audience with performances of their top songs, “Act Up”, “Twerkulator” and “Where the Bag At”. To put the icing on top of the cake, backup dancers filled the stage, leaving eyes glued to the mega screens. iPhone flashlights waved in the air, and several broke out in dance. 

Shortly thereafter, Harlow made his Grand entrance to the stage, appearing as a silhouette on the stage. He set the tone by starting off with the song “Talk of the Town”. Individuals immediately recognized the jazz-style 1920s piano keys, as it serves as the introduction song on his album. He then proceeded to perform hits from the album such as: “Like a Blade of Grass”, “Young Harleezy”, “Movie Star”, “Poison”, “Lil Secret”, “I Got a Shot” and “Churchill Downs”. Unfortunately, featured artists such as Drake, Pharrell Williams and Lil Wayne did not attend the concert the way several fans anticipated. 

On the other hand, Harlow invited comedian Druski and Atlanta Hawks’ player Trae Young on the stage when engaging in a game with the fans. He chose two fans from the crowd and promised them free concert tickets, along with a gift basket if they shot a ball through a basketball hoop hanging from his stage prop. When Harlow offered his special guests a turn, Young swished the ball through the net, while Druski completely missed for comical purposes. 

Toward the end of the show, Harlow surprised his supporters with a brief performance from Atlanta rapper Lil Baby. This put numerous in awe, as Harlow and Lil Baby do not generally make appearances together. The crowd screamed the lyrics of one of  Lil Baby’s top songs “Freestyle”, causing an adrenaline rush. 

To close out the show, Harlow thanked his band, crew and fans for coming out to support him. He concluded with one of his highest-ranked songs, “First Class”, allowing the public to end on a high note with a song that they know and love. 

“My favorite parts of the concert to start to start was definitely the intro with the video they showed before he started performing and the second thing is how he interacts with the crowds because that’s how he is normally, so it’s very cool to see how genuine he is to be with everyone presenting his art,” Rocha said.