Ways to show gratitude 


Valentina Gonzalez

With Thanksgiving around the corner, several people struggle to find ways to show thanks. Fortunately, simple methods exist to show appreciation for those who constantly support one another. Thanksgiving conveniently functions as the perfect holiday to demonstrate gratitude to those who deserve it, particularly in creative, fun and thoughtful ways.

Valentina Gonzalez, Reporter

Thanksgiving continues as a holiday dedicated to Americans to stop and take the time to show and receive thanks. With the holiday fast approaching, numerous people wish to show gratitude to their family, friends and loved ones. Multiple tend to feel troubled when they cannot find meaningful ways to show their respect on the holiday, but numerous ways exist to make a grand impact on someone’s life by showing thanks on Thanksgiving

Gifting gifts

The vast majority of people love receiving gifts because a thoughtful gift could feel like the perfect way to give thanks from someone to several people. A basket filled with household items or sweets and treats presents an easy, yet considerate offer for Thanksgiving. One could even gift a present that possesses personal meaning to it; gifts with inside jokes, signature phrases or the receiver’s favorite item all can provide a serendipitous moment to both parties involved.

Writing personalized notes

For people who might seem like acquaintances rather than friends, a personal note could feel like the most appropriate way to give thanks. A simple note showing appreciation or wishing someone the best during the holidays remains a classic and respectful way to show gratitude to even a stranger. For those who wish to come across as friendly rather than overly professional, decorating and personalizing it could serve as a great avenue.

“One of the first things I remember doing in school was writing notes to teachers and janitors. In one or two of my classes, the teachers would tell everyone to pick their favorite member of the school staff or administration and write them a decorated note. I would always give mine to my favorite janitor and I would write about how everyone always talks about loving her,” sophomore Armina Mujcic said.


There remain multiple ways to show thanks to those who constantly help those in need. Volunteering and donating money, clothes or food to organizations that need those resources, helps the people that they aim to provide. The majority of homeless people look for places where they can receive care; during the holidays, they tend to prioritize enjoying warm shelters where people serve food to them. 

“I’ve always wanted to volunteer at a food shelter. I definitely would volunteer if I wasn’t spending time with my family during the holidays. I love the idea of donating and then serving food to those who need it. I hope that one day me and my family could all volunteer and help at a food shelter or drive,” sophomore Bethlehem Esayas said.

When in the season of thanks and gratitude, it remains important for one to show appreciation to those who constantly help and love them. Sometimes, words serve as enough to represent one’s gratitude. Overall, the thanks shown on Thanksgiving should come across as genuine and thoughtful.