The runoff election: Raphael Warnock wins


Emilio Medina & Britannica

Democrat Reverend Raphael Warnock defeated his opponent, former football star Herschel Walker in the latest runoff election. Warnock will serve a six-year term as one of Georgia’s senators, along with Jon Ossoff who arrived in the senate in the 2020 Georgia election. With Warnock elected into office, Democrats now lead the Senate majority in a 51 to 49 split, adding icing on the cake for the multiple flips within the previous midterm election.

Emilio Medina, Entertainment editor

Democrat candidate Raphael Warnock triumphs in the December 6 runoff election. Opposing candidate and former NFL player Herschel Walker challenged Warnock and lost with a 1.4% voter difference. This exceptionally close race decided Warnock’s position in the government, creating ease to the Democrats after the House of Representatives flipped parties during the nationwide midterm.

While the country finished voting during the midterm elections, Warnock and Walker rematched for a candidate to win. In Georgia, a candidate must acquire over 50% of the votes, otherwise known as a plurality. In the past midterm election, neither Warnock nor Walker achieved this, leading to the runoff election December 6.

“I had a feeling he was going to win just based on everyone’s comments on Herschel Walker. I would like to see him not win next year, however, I’m glad it was Warnock and not Walker. I had a feeling Warnock was going to win over Walker because when I think of Walker I think of [a] football player and abuser just based on campaign ads, but when I think of Warnock I see the positive ads rather than negative. So I assume other people see the same media I saw,” sophomore Shay Potts said.

Incumbent Governor Brian Kemp beat Stacey Abrahms with a whopping 53.4% of voters in their second rematch; in other words, Kemp will continue another four-year term as governor. Along with Kemp’s continuation in his position, Richard Woods won the position of Superintendent of Schools in Georgia. Chris Carr won the position of Attorney General against Jennifer Jordan, Burt Jones won Lieutenant Governor against Charlie Bailey and Brad Raffensperger won Secretary of State against Bee Nguyen.

Notable winners outside of Georgia include Jaylen Smith, who won the mayoral election of Earle, Arkansas. As of his election, Smith became the youngest black mayor in America at 18 years old. James Roesener, who won New Hampshire’s 22nd state house district, became the first trans man to win an election to a state legislature in U.S. history.

“I feel like we can always do more. I think [Warnock] he’s a great opportunity for Georgia. He’s been the better option for a while, however, I’m not seeing as much progress as I thought I would,” Potts said.

After the midterm elections ended,  the campaigns of Warnock and Walker made their final push. Unfortunately for the Republicans, the former football star lost in this long campaign struggle. Warnock will now serve a four-year term finishing up his two-year term in which he took office after Johnny Isakson, former Georgia senator passed away.

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