A Boogie wit da Hoodie releases new album: Me vs. Myself


Malique Card

“Me vs. Myself”, the long-awaited fourth studio album by A boogie wit da Hoodie, followed up his previous album in December 2021 project “B4 AVA”. “Me vs. Myself” made over 50k copies in the first week with about 1200, it achieved a top 10 debut on the Billboard 200 chart this week.

Malique Card, Reporter

New York rapper A Boogie Wit da Hoodie finally dropped an album December 9, 2022, after a long wait from his fans. The album “Me vs. Myself” reached 22 songs with a runtime of one hour and eight minutes. In this album, A Boogie continues the pattern in his albums where he talks about his struggles with girls interfering with his heart and emotions. In his past albums, he takes on an alter ego (A Boogie and Artist, Artist being his alter ego) to rap about different topics and alternates between the two in the albums. In his latest album, he discussed “B4 AVA” (Before A Boogie Vs. Artist), discussed his ex-girlfriend and how he wasted time throughout their relationship. 

A Boogie pushed the original release date for “Me vs. Myself” back to December 9 after it arranged to drop on the same as Drake and 21 Savage’s surprise collaboration ”Her Loss”. “Me Vs Myself”, A Boogie wit da Hoodie’s fourth studio album featured artists such as Lil Durk, G Herbo, H.E.R, Don Q, Roddy Rich, Kodak Black and Tory Lanez. (Complex (Untitled document))

Even though A Boogie assembled impressive features, it did not save the album. He managed to create  “Drowning pt. 2” with Kodak Black after receiving significant success. Nonetheless, the song did not compare to “Drowning” and neither rappers rapped to their full potential. Drowning pt. 1 doesn’t compare to pt. 2 due to its up-tempo beat and rappers putting in their all. Both rappers delivered a careless effect that resembled mumble rap. Lil Durk also featured in Me vs Myself, the two rappers reached success with their first song together, “24 Hours.” Lil Durk featured in, “D**n Homie” never gained the listeners’ attention. A Boogie and Lil Durk do not complement each other too well either. A Boogie also included features from Roddy Ricch, Tory Lanez, G Herbo, Don Q and a bonus track from H.E.R.

“It was a lot of negative things going on at the time I was making the album. I appreciate everything that literally happens in my life towards bringing it out to the music anyway. This feels like my best project in that way where I can really listen to something in the car, something in the crib at the same time I was going out, still hearing it in the club. This is my favorite vibe right now,” A Boogie wit da Hoodie said.

B.R.O (Better Ride Out) [feat. Roddy Ricch]”, a favored song in the album talks about the brotherhood bond they accomplished after facing problems throughout their relationship. A Boogie and Roddy Ricch complimented each other well and the back and forth between the rappers made the song pleasing to the ears. A Boogie also mentions how he does not make any friends, only blood brothers. “Take Shots (feat. Tory Lanez)”, also appeals with consistent substantial vocals from Tory Lanez. Even though the song became repetitive with the word “shots,” the superb songwriting covers it.

“Though the album does not compare to his earlier projects in his career, the album was still enjoyable to me. The album had a lot of potential due to the amount of good artists on the album, but everything felt rushed and everyone was not at their best. My favorite songs on the album were “B.R.O”, “Food for Thought”, and “Money Conversations,” junior Joel Caleb Warui said.

A Boogie will carry the album with a 2023 world tour. The tour will begin February 7 in Denver, followed by stops in Houston, Atlanta, Chicago, Manchester and London.